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How The Derek Chauvin Trial Could Change The Entire Police Brutality Game

Per a report written Aug 25, 2020, by Mr. Rashawn Ray, an David M. Rubenstein Fellow at The Brooking Institute, titled "How Can We Enhance Police Accountability In The United States." Argues that if Derek Chauvin is convicted, future issues of police officers killing "unarmed non-attacking Black persons" will be classified as a hate crime. Pictured above Mr. Rashawn Ray

Per the Oxford Dictionary, a hate crime is defined as "a crime, involving violence, that is motivated by prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds." This action would deem all killings of unarmed non attacking Black men, women, and children as completely unlawful. Something that protesters, Black, White, and indifferent, have been shouting out in the middle of the streets for years.

Rays report published in the Brooking Institution shared mine boggling statistic revealing the methodical practice plus census on murdered Black population directly by the hands of police officers.

The research found that.

  • "A Black person is killed about every 40 hours by police."

  • "Black people are 3.5 times more likely than white people to be killed by police when Black citizen are not attacking or do not have a weapon (George Floyd, for example.)"

  • "Black teenagers are 21 times more likely than white teenagers to be killed by police (Example Tamir Rice and Antown Rose)"

  • "A Black person is killed about every 40 hours in the United States." (Example Jonathan Ferrell and Korry Gaines)

  • "One out of every one thousand Black men can expect to be killed by police violence over the course of his life."

Per Ray's report, one primary factor that has interfered with the enforcement of the law against police officers is the "public's perception." Ray shares that "Most people perceive that if a police officer did something, he or she was doing it for their protection or the greater good of society." A lie that mainstream White America has been sticking to since the lynching of Black men, women, and children for as much as the abolishing of slavery.

No matter how many excuses main stream America gives the public that police officers were endangered or protecting themselves, racist, psychopath officers must be banned from the force and punished for their murder sprees. Case and point Derek Chauvin. Derek Chauvin, the officer that killed George Floyd, has been involved in at least 18 police misconduct cases involving shootings and police brutality.

Furthermore, if Derek Chauvin Case is deemed a hate crime, police officers who have been terminated due to like misconduct will not work in law enforcement again. And action will provide precedence to make police departments insurance policies pay for civil suits. Plus, make it mandatory that police officers carry personal liability insurance.

The George Floyd killing could change the game of police brutality cases forever here in the United States of America. Let's all pray that the George Floyd legal team receives the victory in hopes of protecting future generations of Black people here in America.

Thank you for reading and please enjoy The Florida Mass Choir "Be ye steadfast"

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