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How are Black millennial's reacting to cases of racial profiling and George Floyd protest?

The cat is out of the bag, and Millennial & Generation Zs are utilizing their social media platforms to organize meetups for protest and to encourage other Millennial to arrange voter registration drives. Today's Millennial and Generation Z's are computer savvy, quick thinkers who understand that their vote means more now than ever. But how are they coping with their emotions? Per a NY Times report titled "What Students Are Saying About The George Floyd Protest," Young people are feeling more distressed, heartbroken, and fear in regards to the rising tide of police brutality cases towards Black citizens."

Per a Psychology Today article titled "Why Black People Are Traumatized By Police Encounters" by Marisa Franco, PhD. Shares how over-policing is affecting Black & Brown citizens. According to Franco's report, studies have shown that Black males are more than likely to be treated aggressively by police, and for those who survive traumatic experiences, a type of post-traumatic stress disorder. Franco shares that one study has "found that among young men in an urban setting, those who had more contact with police and more intrusive stops reported greater trauma and anxiety symptoms, such as nightmares, flashbacks, and intrusive thoughts."Dr. Franco recommends that" if we have adults or young adults in our lives experiencing these symptoms, consider seeking out psychological services from professionals who specialize in trauma with racial minorities. Healing from this trauma will look like sharing stories of racially traumatic experiences, expressing anger or sadness, being affirmed and validated, and reminded not to blame yourself."

"We all need someone to lean on," like Bill Withers said. Do you think that organizing group meetings at local churches and community centers to provide a safe place were community members can meetup with a license therapist to share their concerns and fears is a good idea? Please feel free to share your advice on how to provide a safe space for community members to fall back on during these challenging and changing times.

I am looking forward to your thoughts.

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