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Heavenly Impact

Updated: Apr 17

Spotlight Article On A’Liah Moore

April 13, 2024

Pictured Above of A’Liah Moore and Raymond Jackson

(Photo provided by Ms. Moore)

       "Heavenly Impact" is an organization started by two dynamic young people. It provides an environment wherein young people of all social classes can explore their spirituality, grow, and experience life in a warm, embracing, “safe place” with their peers. It is an organization where young people can establish positive long-term relationships and eventually have a worldwide impact by developing tomorrow’s leaders. The organization has grown to become a nationwide platform that has brought together college students, student-athletes, and young adults for weekly online Bible studies and sharing sessions. Powerful testimonies are shared by young people nationwide as the group prays for and encourages one another.

       Living in a world with so much anger, hatred, uncertainty, and turmoil, two young people decided to do something about the unease they could see and feel their peers were experiencing. Young people helping young people. If the words of the late great Whitney Houston are correct, “…. the children are the future.” then these young people are on to something great. The success of these young pioneers and their organizations is of the utmost importance. You see, if children are the future, then our very world depends on them.

Click the link to view "The Art Of Faith" with A'Liah Moore & Andaluz The Artist

Meet A’Liah Moore. Meeting A’Liah Moore is akin to meeting an angel with a mission and a message. The mission is to make someone’s journey on this planet just a little bit easier. The message is a battle cry to everyone to fulfill that mission. A’Liah has a spark in her eye and a quick and easy smile. Her eyes bespeak brilliance, dedication, and commitment to the mission. She communicates her goals and vision for the future of Heavenly Impact with a conviction that one could see in a young Nelson Mandela or Sojourner Truth.

A'Liah was born and raised in Manchester, New Jersey, to two proud parents, Thurston and Addie Moore. She attributes everything she is and is going to be to God first and then to these two great people whom God entrusted to be her guardians while she is here. Thurston is the fabric of which this country is made. He is a hard-working family man who made sure his children were raised in a safe, warm, loving environment. He made sure his children had everything they needed and most of what they wanted. Addie nurtured her children’s dreams. She encouraged them to go for whatever they felt in their hearts. She whispered to their souls to follow their dreams and not let setbacks or obstacles stop them. Thurston encouraged his children to work hard and drive. Addie encouraged them to never stop dreaming. Their combined ideologies produced dynamic children. A’Liah has three siblings: Danei, Damuin, and A’Lycia Moore. All of them benefited from the loving environment in which they were raised and are successful young adults. A’Lycia is currently a student-athlete at Morgan State University.

A’Liah was a student-athlete at Monmouth University, participating at a remarkably high level on the Division 1 Women’s Soccer Team. She has quite a riveting and motivating story surrounding that experience, and we encourage you to view it on the YouTube link in this article. A’Liah graduated with a master’s in communications.

A’Liah’s partner in this noble endeavor is Raymond Jackson, who was also a student-athlete at Monmouth University. He played on the Division 1 football team and ran track and field. Raymond graduated with a bachelor’s in health studies and is a veteran, having served in The United States Army in the 82nd Airborne Division. Raymond is a strong, determined young man, an example of which young boys should emulate. He is the epitome of young manhood and is a standard of what a young man of God looks like. He is a diligent, hard-working young man who is laser-focused on accomplishing whatever God placed him here to do.

The future looks bright not only for these two young people but for any young person who comes into their orbit and listens. If the people running this country had at their age the heart for God, the grit and determination, and the brilliance and backbone of these young people and fellow members of Heavenly Impact, this country, and indeed the world, would be in a much better place. When asked about her goals and aspirations for the future, A’Liah has a long, well-thought-out, and magnificent five-year plan drawn up. This reporter can safely and succinctly summarize it by the following: Her five-year plan is to “Love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, and mind. And love my neighbor as myself.” 

Heavenly Impact is having a retreat for young people at:

Keswick Christian Retreat and Conference Center

601 Route 530, Whiting, New Jersey

June 10th thru 12th  

8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.

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