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Harris Pence Debate. Oh What A Night!

Senator Kamala Harris, the first Black and South Asian woman of color who is the democratic majority party vice presidential candidate, entered the debate stage last Wednesday, October 7, at 9:00 P.M. Event was held at the University of Utah Salt Lake City. This unique occasion provided the American public to see Harris in action.

The audience also had an opportunity to witness Republican V.P. Pence's love for President Trump. Because of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, "The Commission on Presidential Debates stationed a mandatory plexiglass barrier" between Harris and Pence. The two candidates were separated by 12 feet on stage. Per a CNN Politics report, "this preventative measure was implemented," because of COVID 19 related illnesses in White House staffers.

When appearing on stage, Senator Harris was humble, bright, healthy, and professional. When the cameras turned to Vice President Pence, well, let us say visions of Halloween may have floated in viewers' minds. Vice President Pence noticeably spoke out of one side of his mouth primarily. He looked like he experienced a stroke at one time or another that no one bothered to tell the American public about. Furthermore, said facial disfigurement looked to be covered up with heavy pale makeup that was not as pale as his true complexion. (And let's be clear. Pence is only 61yrs old.)

To make matters worse, a large black fly landed on Pence's perfectly platinum hair as if attracted to a piece of dead flesh. Nevertheless, the debate trudge on despite Pence's pink eye, and Kamala did wonderfully. Per a report by Brandon Tensly of CNN Politics titled Mr. Vice President, she's speaking: How Kamala Harris beat the stereotypes during her historic V.P. debate. "Harris nimbly contended with Vice President Pence's attempts to talk over or interrupt her or downplay her expertise."

Harris, a graduate of Howard University (HBCU), spoke with wisdom, truth, and dignities like other Howard University grads such as Mary Ann Shad, abolitionist, educator, Black newspaper founder, and lawyer. Plus Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Justice of the Supreme Court. It was refreshing to see and hear a political candidate speak with sense and clarity, unlike the four extremely long years of Trumpism philosophy representing the political floor nationally and internationally embarrassing Americans near and far. In my opinion. But I digress.

The debate covered issues such as

  • International and national affairs.

  • Police reform

  • Mass incarceration

  • Breonna Taylor & George Floyd Case

  • Environmental Issues

  • Immigration

  • Economy, and so much more.

Harris answered every response, respectively, openly, with clarity. Pence's responses lacked insight into how struggling Americans face an unfair economy while avoiding COVID 19 contamination reality factors. Pence kept going backward to comment on previous questions instead of staying on task and answering said questions presented to him fully. At the same time, he was trying to throw potshots at Harris's superior debating competency.

Finally, when Harris could no longer take the sound of Pence's imprudent ramblings, Kamala had an "I'm not having it" moment. For those who do not know what an "I'm not having it moment" is, let me explain it to you like this. A "I'm not having it moment" posture is a spiritual manifestation that Black people, parents, and teachers, exude when confronting a lying person, spirit, or thing. It's a shutdown command that can also be preceded by a look of "enough is enough". The look of "enough" is usually precursor by the sudden expression of repulsion of a person, place, or thing representing a corrupt, false, or uninformed, biased belief system or action.

Per Brandon Tensley, CNN Politics Analysis Reporter share per his report titled Mr. Vice President, she's speaking: How Kamala Harris beat the stereotypes during her historic V.P. debate. "Harris wasn't having it." Harris stated, and I quote, "I will not sit here and be lectured by the vice president on what it means to enforce the laws of our country when I'm the only one on this stage who has personally prosecuted everything from child sexual assault to homicide. The former career prosecutor said." Harris continued to rebut both Trump and his administration while at the same time connecting with the audience in an informative, truthful, and empathetic way.

As Harris reclaimed her time and dished out rebukes, let me state that Pence's pink eye got pinker & pinker. And his twisted mouth descended further on his face. It was as if Harris's laughter, straight talk, and rebukes physically were rebuffing Pence when they were 12 feet apart. The other star of the night was moderator Susan Page of USA Today. Unlike President Trumps' friend Chris Wallace of Fox News, who has become the token of disgrace in the political journalism field. Page eloquently and professionally stayed calm and collective amid Pence's passive-aggressive sparks of not following the rules. When everything was said and done for the night, according to a CNN Instant Poll, "registered voters who watched the debate polls showed that Harris won the debate" by approximately 60% of pollsters. (Wow!)

If Trump manages to stay in office he will have an additional debate with Biden. Currently the next presidential debate has been cancelled. As of October 8, per a CNN report, The Commission on Presidential Debates "will not allow the second debate" until further notice. In short...they ain't having it.

Hey, thanks for reading. Stay safe. And be sure to drop off your mail-in ballot at your local ballot drop off boxes or be sure to show up and vote on November 3, 2020, physically. Please enjoy accent song from TI & Rihanna. It jives with post. Peace

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