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Get On Your Mark - Get Set - Vote! Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022, From 7:00 A.M. To 7:00 P.M.

It's Monday, Nov 7, Election Day Eve, and everybody is preparing to vote. Voting is essential to select candidates who at least will keep all Americans safe and be friendly to visitors and newcomers.

When we don't share our gift of the power to vote, we shuck our responsibility to

  • Keep our children and selves safe.

  • Allow our elderly and senior adults to be vulnerable to bad people who do not hold their best interests or health at hand.

  • Plus, allow local citizens' needs and prosperity to be put like Wendy Williams used to say, "Put that where? Oh, back there." Leaving long-term crisis issues undiscussed or corrected.

Voting in both primary and general elections makes our votes 10x more potent than when we vote only in primary elections. Tomorrow's you can vote for candidates in lower government like mayors, sheriffs, and council people. Matching presidential and local government officials like the mayor empowers our vote with super strength so that issues that concern local citizens like

  • Income & Equality

  • Mass incarceration

  • Quality affordable housing per local citizens and not outside contractors or special interest groups

  • Or worse yet, super high fines and taxes that seek to enforce segregation and disenfranchisement that ultimately, in more cases than less, lead to the dismantling of vulnerable families.

When we go out as a team and vote-vote-vote!

Need to find where you should vote tomorrow. Click the Polling Place Locator by inputting your address. Super easy and quick!

Your vote has the power to help remove or block candidates who seek to

  • Thwart quality education plus career opportunities for Black young people & adults by design. Case and point Cradle to Prison Pipeline methodology.

Plus, vote out people who trigger seditious conspiracy & bad behavior by citizens, like on Jan 6, 2021. Many senators, congresspersons, and mayors align themselves with such rabble-rousers. Plus conspired behind citizens' backs to create a new economy.

Moreover, your vote can help secure blocked monetary resources that should provide all children with good things to do in safe, nurturing neighborhoods within our community, districts, towns, & counties here in NJ. Candidates who look forward to seeing their constituency have clean water to drink and safe streets to walk.

But without your vote, it's like forfeiting your power to stand for what is right and bowing down to what is wrong. For example, could you imagine Trump being in office instead of President Biden this year? Today may only exist but for the fact that Americans selected a seasoned, talented, plus qualified officials such as President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. We could be just like Ukraine today.

When elected officials make friends with people who do not have American citizens' best interests at hand, whether Black or White, like President Trump's best friends Vladamir Putin of Russia and Kim Jong-un of North Korea? It jeopardizes everyone's future of having a fair, clean democracy with room to object or make things right.

And as we vote overwhelmingly in our local cities and towns, we can have a chance to put considerate, non-racist, or non-money-hungry candidates into office.

Candidates with non-treasonous behavior who will serve citizens well and speak up on behalf of those in need when bad actors seek to make things worse if in office.

So your vote is like magic! It can change things that look impossible into possibilities. And hope to inspire, & groom future candidates to be the best person for the job they can be with our support, plus vote behind them. Thanks in advance for voting. And as the Jackson Five once said, "the life you save may be your own!" So go out and vote for the candidates who

  • Has your health in mind

  • Seeks to see that your environment in your communities and towns is safe and healthy

  • Not racist, unethical, or unfriendly

  • Look out for taxpayers' best interest and not vote for candidates seeking to build a new economy. Where citizens are omitted from the equation. More importantly, to vote for candidates who

  • Enforce child abuse laws and policies to keep all children & young people safe from predators, domestic and foreign.

Thank you in advance for voting for the best candidate that you choose & keep hope alive. Or go out and vote to ruin some racist or haters day. Seeing you walk into your voting location to vote will ruin their week, so have fun.

Moreover, remember Black citizenship—the direct survivors of those who suffered African Chattel Slavery and 1st Nation Genocide in North America. Who is still owed their reparations. Voting is like a second birthday for the Afro- Americans. So when you pull that lever, say Happy Birthday to all of your distant ancestors who wished they had the privilege to vote out unethical politicians out of their local offices or land.

Please enjoy the Ting-Tings "Happy Birthday!" AND GO!!!!! VOTE!

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