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Gas Up And Go! With The World Outreach Christian Church's "THE REFUEL: GAS GIVEAWAY EVENT.

For Immediate Release - Attention - Jersey City Echo Readers!

"On Saturday, July 23, 2022, World Outreach Christian Church will sponsor a FREE Gas Giveaway! W.O.C.C. will give $25 worth of gas to the first 300 cars. This event will begin at 8 A.M. at the Sunoco Gas station at 465 Grand Street, Jersey City, New Jersey. Along with generous sponsorship from Sunoco and Sunoco L.P., this event is designed as a way to give back to the community during these challenging financial times."

For additional information, don't hesitate to get in touch with World Outreach Christian Church Secretary at

About W.O.C.C.'s Pastor Shyrone Richardson

"Pastor Shyrone Richardson is the Senior Pastor of World Outreach Christian Church, a non-denominational, Bible-based church in Jersey City. Pastor Shy has become a voice of hope in the city, and his unique ministry style enables him to reach and impact the lives of men and women of all ages, economic statuses, and ethnic backgrounds. The evidence is in the vibrant congregation that has allowed the same passion for faith and community to burn within their hearts. He consistently leads his congregation in Ministry Outreach opportunities to unite communities and help those in need."

Thanks for checking out the Echo, NJ's oldest Black-owned newspaper since 1904.

Please enjoy this instrumental tune from

A Tribe Called Quest Electric Relaxation

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