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Flip Da Script Arts Event Flemington NJ Presented by Beyond Clouds & Justice for Joshua 8/5/2023

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

July 22, 2023

Want to take a stand for justice and let your little light shine? Here's your chance to bring awareness by sharing your gift or talent with the public! Flip Da Script II seeks to provide a space where Brother Rodney with "Justice for Joshua" and Sister Mumtah of "Beyond Clouds" can inform the public about ways to address violence against Black citizens and North American First Nation people. By sharing your talent, you can contribute to bringing awareness regarding crisis issues in N.J. Plus, a word of encouragement with a chosen poem, a song of praise, or a dance of triumph.

Where: The Factory Fuel Coffee House Location: 2 Stangl Road Flemington N.J. 08822

Time: 4 P.M.- 8 P.M. Date: August 5, 2023

Being a Black citizen or indigenous North American between 24 to 35 years old in New Jersey is dangerous. Black citizens, especially boys or men, are scrutinized daily because of the deeply held racism that exists in every social institution in N.J. No other demographic group in America has fared as badly, persistently, and for so long as African American citizenship. To meet this appalling crisis, more public discourse on criminal justice reform and prevention practices must be addressed to decrease violence towards Black citizens and concentrated poverty in segregated over, crowded Black communities. Please support Flip Da Script II with Brother Rodney and Sister Mumtah in bringing awareness in regards to the prevention of continued violence towards Black citizens and Native North American persons, plus Criminal Justice Reform in New Jersey for the sake of our two fallen brothers, Two Clouds, and Joshua McMillian as well as the many Black citizens being incarcerated by their parol officers for petty charges that make them lose their jobs so that others can have said job opportunity. Thank you in advance for your support!

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