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Evening Tea W/K Britt. Topics: Police Officer Tases Deacon To Death, Perspectives From Black Attorney Generals, Gas Stations Put Water In Your Gas Tank, Sleepy Seal Attacked By Hungry Birds, & More

March 15, 2024

Photo Sources: Wix Media

Police Officer Tases 62-Year-old Black Deacon To Death

For Not Signing A Motor Vehicle Ticket. 

Atlanta Police Officer accused a 62-year-old Deacon Johnny Hollman Sr., of causing a car accident and demanded that he sign the ticket that would state he was the cause of the motor vehicle accident on his way home from bible study. Atlanta Police Officer Kimbrough became frustrated once he realized that Hollman Sr. was not going to sign the ticket and began tasing the 62-year-old Black Deacon who repeatedly cried out, per witnesses, that "he couldn't breathe." 

Per a report by the police officer's attorney shared with media that, "Mr. Hollman violently and unlawfully resisted Officer Kimbrough's lawful efforts to arrest him," LoRusso said. "The Atlanta Police investigation confirmed Officer Kimbrough deployed his city-issued TASER and used force in a manner consistent with his training and Georgia law."

"Mawuli Davis, a lawyer for the Hollman family, said at a news conference Wednesday that "Hollman was doing nothing wrong. What he was doing was he was making his case, like so many of us do when someone is going to issue us a ticket," Davis later added, "Instead of listening and being patient and using his training of de-escalation, instead this officer treated him as if he were not an elder."  To learn more about the unnecessary death of Deacon Hollman Sr. Please click the link:

Keansburg Receives $1 Million Federal Grant for Critical Infrastructure Upgrades.

In an announcement earlier this week, Mayor George Hoff shared that Keansburg has received a generous federal grant of $1 million for crucial infrastructure upgrades, including improving pedestrian access, reconstructing roadways, and fortifying drainage systems across the borough. The Mayor expressed his appreciation for this funding, noting that it is the first grant of its kind in over three decades and will significantly reduce flooding on numerous streets. The Mayor also mentioned that this grant would result in an estimated $350 tax reduction for single-family homes, though the specifics needed to be explained. This funding announcement follows Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr.'s recent statement that he has secured $16 million in financing for thirteen projects in New Jersey's Sixth Congressional District, which includes Keansburg. To learn more about click the link.

Exploring The Role Of Black Attorneys General In Advancing Criminal Justice Reform: Perspectives From Interviews With Six Sitting Officials

The Associated Press interviewed six Black Attorneys General about the challenges and opportunities they face in serving as top law enforcement officers in their respective states. The interviews highlighted the role of Black Attorneys General in advocating for criminal justice reform, drawing on their personal experiences with the system's tendency to over-police and under-protect communities of color. The attorneys general noted that while they use their prosecutorial discretion to advance reforms within the system, there are limits to what such efforts can bring. To learn more, please click the link shared by Matt Brown of The Independent.


Seal Takes a Nap Amidst A Crowd Of Hungry NJ Birds In

Sandy Hook, NJ: Rescue Ensues!

On Wednesday, a young female Grey seal took a midday nap on the jetty at 5th Street and the Boardwalk in Ocean City. Unfortunately, while she was resting, she was attacked by a flock of crows, causing her to fall through a hole in the jetty. Luckily, a local volunteer noticed the incident and went to check on the seal's condition. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center was contacted and determined that the seal was in good condition while resting on the midpoint of the jetty. According to the center officials, the seal had found a perfect spot to take her nap, where she would not easily be noticed. Until the birds came. To learn more please click the link:

Amid Ongoing Conflict in Gaza, a Call for Peace and Compassion

It is deeply saddening to hear about the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the suffering it has inflicted on innocent civilians. The latest U.S.-backed U.N. Security Council draft resolution reportedly circulated on Thursday, supports diplomatic efforts to establish an immediate and sustained ceasefire in exchange for the release of all hostages held by Hamas. It is heartening to see that the resolution unequivocally supports international diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the ongoing violence in Gaza. The relaunched Echo hopes that all parties involved can come to a peaceful resolution, prioritizing the safety and well-being of all affected by this conflict.

Sorry, 78% Water in Your Gas Tank Won't Get You To Heaven

(But it Might Get You To The Car Wash!)

The recent incident at the Conoco Gas Station in Camden is a clear example of why it is important to always be cautious when fueling up. Reports confirm that the gas at Conoco Station was up to 78 percent water (Yikes!) Causing several drivers to be stranded on the road. Such incidents not only inconvenience drivers but can also lead to serious safety hazards on the road. It is imperative that gas stations maintain strict quality control measures to ensure that the fuel they provide is safe and reliable for consumers to use. This unfortunate event highlights the need for drivers to diligently check the quality of the gas before fueling up. It also underscores the importance of gas stations taking their responsibility seriously and ensuring they provide high-quality fuel to their customers. Let us all raise awareness about this issue and demand that gas stations maintain strict standards to prevent such incidents from happening in the future. Remember, safety should always be our top priority, and we must take all necessary steps to ensure that we are driving on safe and reliable fuel.

When the gas in your car is 78 percent water, it can cause various problems. Water can damage your car's fuel system, leading to rust and corrosion. It can also cause your engine to stall, misfire, or not start at all. Additionally, water can dilute the gasoline, reducing its effectiveness as a fuel and lowering your car's performance. Even a small amount of water in your fuel system can lead to significant problems, so it is vital to address this issue as soon as possible. Suppose you suspect that your car's gas contains a high percentage of water. In that case, it is best to avoid driving it and seek professional help immediately to prevent potential safety hazards. To learn more about incidents, please click the link.

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