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"Echoed News" With Tiasia Newman! August 30, 2023

Aug 30, 2023

Tiasia Newman

Black Girl Magic

Judge Adrienne C. Nelson is walking up the crystal stairs in a robe custom-made for the first black woman to serve as a Federal Judge in Oregon. Black women have been breaking stereotypes with ease in 2023. Let's congratulate Judge Nelson on her tremendous accomplishment.

Simone Biles is back to her old tricks. She has made history yet again. This time, she is the first gymnast to win eight all-around titles at the US Gymnastics Championship. At 26, her 10-year career is nothing short of excellence. She is also the oldest woman to win the national title since its origin in 1963. I guess what they say rings true: "Big things come in small packages."

Racism In The Schools

Gabriana Clay-White is suing a Texas school after she was forced to resign as a counselor. White found herself defending a special needs student whom a teacher physically and verbally assaulted in her presence. The racially motivated words directed towards the student were an immediate cause for concern, along with the unnecessary and deliberate attack. When she reported the incident, Clay-White was accused of violating the school's code of ethics. She was given the choice to resign or be fired back in June this year. One would think that the teacher would have been the one they let go, but we are talking about the state of Texas.

A Florida elementary school principal has been placed on disciplinary leave after holding a racially driven assembly for all the black students in the school. Under the guise of improving test scores, the principal told the children of a life behind bars, being shot, and ending up in a ditch as motivation for them to improve their test scores. The principal also added promises of McDonald's and gift cards to other fast food restaurants in exchange for improved grades. This wouldn't have been such a sin had the principal omitted the black student who passed the test with flying colors last year, but this was not the case. I guess he didn't understand the assignment.

Indecent Exposure In The Classroom

A former Burlington County substitute has been sentenced to five years in jail. Kameelah Kareem, 43, was charged with second-degree sexual assault and second-degree endangering the welfare of a child. Kareem had an ongoing sexual relationship with a 15-year-old child who attended an alternative school at Bookbinder in Willingboro between 2019 and 2020. So many male children are sexually abused by women who never tell or get justice. I'm glad that he will at least be able to heal from the abuse he endured once he realizes what actually happened to him.

Mellisa Rockensies, a Queen's teacher, has pled not guilty in a rape case. Rockensies is accused of a year-long stint abusing a 14-year-old male student. She is said to have groomed the student by giving him gifts and money with or without request. This ordeal began with the student reaching out to the teacher for extra help, and things swiftly turned sinister. Rockensies maintains her innocence following claims of her visiting the child while he was in prison and engaging in sexual acts. This story is giving me Mary Kay and Villy energy. One would think after them, there would be none.

Police Under Investigation

Andrew Jerome Washington, 52, was killed in a police-involved shooting in Jersey City. After Washington's family spent a week trying to get help for him through the crisis unit to no avail, the police were sent instead. Before entering the home, the police were begged not to shoot Washington because he suffered from severe mental health issues. One of the officers discharged his service weapon after noticing Washington was holding a knife. Doctors attempted to save him with surgery. Washington sadly succumbed to his injuries at Jersey City Medical Center later that night. It's sad because they knew what they were walking into and were asked verbatim not to shoot Washington. The family stated they "asked them to either taser him or use a pellet gun." The officer still chose to use deadly force on a person they were there to help in his time of struggle. I don't think Washington was the only person in the room that would have benefited from a mental health evaluation. The family is currently pursuing charges against the department in question.

A police officer killed a 21-year-old pregnant woman in an Ohio Kroger Parking Lot after an employee claimed she was shoplifting. Ta'kiya Young was hit through her windshield after attempting to leave the scene of her crime. The officer opened fire on Ta'kiya as she accelerated forward with him in the direct path of the vehicle. Young was taken to a nearby hospital, where she and her unborn baby died. The officers on the scene are on administrative leave while officials are investigating if officers followed a standard policy protocol that ended with the death of a pregnant mother and her unborn child. The fact that people only need 840 hours of training to become cops while cosmetologists need 1200 for a license is a problem. It's bizarre how citizens are expected to be able to handle high-pressure situations while the people you call when you can't aren't equipped to do anything but fire a gun.

Unfortunate Demise

Beauty Katera Couch, a twenty-year-old Georgia influencer also known as "Beauty Couch," was found deceased near her burning car in the city of Austell. Couch's boyfriend, Eugene Louis-Jacquese, has been arrested in relation to her murder. Jacques, 21, is currently facing charges of arson, murder, and aggravated assault. There is still no word on what motivated the gruesome murder. These young people's lives have been lost, one in the name of love and the other to the prison system. In the future, be mindful of the people you allow in your life. You just may be sleeping with the enemy.

Nicholas A. Donofrio was fatally shot when he attempted to enter the wrong home in his neighborhood Saturday morning. Officers were called around 2 A.M. for a break-in that was shortly followed by a call reporting shots fired in the same area. He was found dead on the porch when police arrived. The homeowner perceived him as a burglar trying to get into their home. Donofrio started his sophomore year at the University of South Carolina last Thursday.

Hate Crimes

A racist gunman killed three black people at a Jacksonville Dollar General. 21-year-old Ryan Palmeter turned the gun on himself after shooting Angela Carr, 52, Jarrald Gallion, 29, and Anolt Laguerre Jr., 19. The tragedy occurred after Ryan was turned away by HBCU Edward Waters University security because he refused to identify himself. Ryan was openly racist and left behind writing to his family, media, and federal agents detailing his disgusting ideology of hate. The slaughter is being investigated as a hate crime and an act of racially motivated extremism.

A former University of South Florida student had been arrested for injecting hazardous chemicals under his neighbor's house door. He was caught in the act by a hidden camera the family installed after a year-long dispute with the suspect. The family has already endured harassment and intimidation from the suspect, whose name still hasn't been released. We know he was a chemist major, which explains his weapon of choice.

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