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Echoed News! Quick Chats On Head-Turning News Articles Within The Last 60 Days.

August 20, 2023

Eight-year-old Jenesis Dockery passed away after being shot in the head by her nanny's 11-year-old son.

One hour after being dropped off by her father at her nanny's house, her son shot Dockery. The 11-year-old boy reportedly stole the gun from his mother's safe. Jenesis fought for her life but succumbed to her injuries two days later. Her father stated, "My daughter's life was tragically taken" in an interview. The family has raised $23000 and counting with a go fund page. I hope they use it all to get justice for Jenesis. The 11-year-old child is in police custody and could face charges of manslaughter. I wonder if charges will be brought against the mother of the 11-year-old. Readers might ponder why the 11-year-old could access the gun at all, and second, was the nanny not injured due to trying to protect the baby girl left in her care? Or was she in a different part of the house? In the words of Martin, "Where were her antennas" when all this was going on?

A Utah school district agrees to pay two million dollars to the family of a bullied autistic child who took her own life. 10-year-old Izzy Tichenor took her own life in 2021 after constantly being bullied by her classmates.

The family alleges the district ignored several racially and disability-related bullying reports. The Davis School District seems to be habitually dismissing these kinds of claims. The US Department of Justice previously reprimanded them for failure to address such issues. Though no liability or negligence has been admitted, they have agreed to the staggering two million dollar settlement for the Ticheron family and three $200,000 payments for three other black students.

The family of an inmate who died in a bedbug-infested cell received a 4 million dollar settlement with Fulton County officials on Wednesday.

In Fulton County Jail, Lashawn Thompson, 25, died on September 13, 2022. He was arrested on July 12, 2022, for a minor assault on a police officer charge. The public outrage was sparked after images of him covered in bed bugs and the deplorable conditions of his cell hit social media in the immediate wake of his death. The US Department of Justice launched an investigation of the prison last month following a series of reports of inmate abuse and neglect, including the death of Thompson.

Last month in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the police showed clear signs that they think all black men fit the description.

An unidentified man was brutally assaulted in Applebees while holding his child on July 20. After receiving a tip from Applebee's manager Jennifer Harris who has since been fired, saying there were "suspicious people" inside the restaurant. Police looking for the suspects in a nearby hit-and-run accident entered the building. After being directed to the couple, they attempted to remove the child from the father's arms while pushing him to the ground, openly assaulting him, and causing the child to hit his head on the wall. Do you want to hear the real kicker? The suspects were in the bathroom the man was trying to go into to change his child's diaper when he was accosted. Sadly the man and his partner were still both arrested and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Another display of the justice system has no accountability regarding the black and brown people they abuse when they see fit.

Teen pleads "not guilty" in hate crime against famous Vogue dancer Oshae Sibley's vicious murder.

Friday, 17-year-old Dmitriy Popov, who slaughtered, O'Shea, pleaded not guilty. Popov is accused of killing O'Shea at a Brooklyn gas station following an argument that included a barrage of racial and anti-gay slurs at the professional dancer. This ended in Oshea being stabbed and, ultimately, his death. Popov's attorney Mike Pollard intends to claim self-defense in the case stating the murder was a biased crime instead of a hate crime. Further noting, the fight had nothing to do with Oshea being Black or gay. Popov is presently charged with second-degree murder by way of a hate crime. This story could hold up in court only problem is there are several witnesses as the assault happened in a public place. O'Shea has since been honored by Beyonce Knowles-Carter during her Renaissance world tour. This is rather fitting, seeing as O'Shea was said to be voguing to her song, which Popov witnessed and began his tired of Oshea shortly before his senseless murder.

The Walgreens franchise has been in the media for some unsettling events regarding their loss prevention tactics.

A viral video shows a Black grandmother confronting a white store manager after threatening to call the police on her two grandsons shortly after they entered the Walgreen store located in Illinois. Though the woman tried to explain the discrimination with tales of other kids who steal, it was a clear case of racist BS. The Walgreen clerk didn't know an adult was nearby to come to the children's defense immediately.

In Missouri, a 60-year-old white Walgreens employee was attacked and brutally beaten while trying to stop a Black teen from stealing a pair of shades.

The woman had previously asked the adult in the company of the teens to pay for the shades but was refused. The police are asking the public to help them identify the group of teens seen in the now-viral video of the assault. The employee intends to press charges against her assailant once she is apprehended. Walgreens is now said to be exploring ways to stop thieves that don't cause offense to the innocent and keep their employees safe.

Nineteen-year-old Noni Battiste Kosoko died on July 12 at the Atlanta City Detention Center. Kosoko was serving an eight-week sentence. She was found in her cell on July 11, the very day she was set to be released, unresponsive, alone, and with no signs of injury. Her mother, Shashi Battiste, stated her only child was arrested for a misdemeanor and died in jail. We want answers," One of Noni's cellmates claims that the week before, she was battling voices in her head and being overlooked by the detention staff. Noni has been confirmed to have suffered from mental health issues.

The Lansing Police Department in Michigan is under fire after a now-viral video was posted to TikTok Thursday. In the video, white officers can be seen detaining a 12-year-old child who was said to be taking out the trash.

The police claimed the child fit the description of a man wanted in recent auto thefts. The child was released after the police encountered his father, Micheal after they had already apprehended his baby boy while having their gun drawn. Luckily a neighbor caught the whole thing on video. To add insult to injury, the Lansing police department took to Facebook, of all places, in a lame attempt to start damage control. It's safe to say the bogus statement, "We hope that we can put this unfortunate case of wrong place, wrong time behind us and continue to represent the community that we serve," has already done more harm than good. Who exactly was in the wrong place at the wrong time? The child taking out the trash or the overzealous cops who don't know the difference between a 12-year-old kid and a grown man. What exactly are they serving in the community besides poison to the children who may one day need their help but would instead take care of it themselves? How many people seek help in the same place they were hurt?? Jerks

Brittney Hill, 24, was murdered in broad daylight while holding her 1-year-old daughter in Chicago.

Michael Washington, 36, opened fire from the passenger seat of a Chevy Impala into a group of people where the mother was standing in clear view at around 9 A.M. on the 1200 block of North MasonHill was immediately hit in the abdomen but managed to hold her baby and shield her from the following bullets. The police have charged Washington and 23-year-old Eric Adams in direct connection to Hill's untimely death.

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