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Dear Black People If Border Situation Does Not Go Well, Please Allow Law Enforcement To Do Their Job

Straight Talk Commentary May 10, 2023

This week open border policies will be re-activated once Trump's anti-immigration codes phase out. Open border policies have led to a humanitarian crisis at our southern border in Texas. Although, Texans are working collaboratively with communities entrenched by the situation on both sides. This will mean that more than likely, record numbers of illegal immigrants and insourced workers will be flooding Texas. And Texas does not intend to allow the surge of asylum seekers to reside in their home state.

This means more pre-deemed sanctuary states such as N.J., which desire to maintain an insourced Latino majority population, will be overcrowding more and more Black neighborhoods and towns. That will, in turn, escalate the homeless rates of American families because of the lack of affordable housing resources. This means that more apartment complexes will utilize Jim Crow leasing practices in N.J. that seek to purposely discriminate against Black citizens and their children to provide preferential affordable housing resources to insourced community members' families.

How did we get here?

New Jersey politicians and mayors, in partnership with Bloomberg's New American Economy goal, is to sustain the majority-minority voting block position that the Hispanic population achieved due to the long-term insourcing of Hispanic undocumented and documented immigrants over the last 40 years here, for example, in N.J. A position once held by Black citizens who are the direct descendants of people who survived African chattel slavery and the North American East Coast 1st Nation Genocide of indigenous people deemed hostile. As Black citizens, we must never forget the goal of racist liberal, Evangelical Republican Party Dixie-crats of the 80s and their allies goal was to ensure that civil and voting rights, affirmative action, plus human rights when addressing the needs of the Black citizen would work in reverse. This is why Black America has been in the mess of blocked achievement for the last 50 years.

Our government utilized paid partnerships with Mexico and other South American countries to distribute the ingredients to make Crack. This drug causes four types of schizophrenia in a normal brain. Mexican and South American Drug Cartels were paid for their services because the cocaine plant couldn't grow in North America. With America's allowance of illegal drugs to flood Black targeted areas plus college campuses, the murder rate of Black males aged 15 to 24 doubled soon after the crack epidemic hit. Generations were lost to early demise because of the drug's adverse effect on users. Plus, turf wars between Black Americans and insourced Latino immigrants. Once coined "Black on Black Crime." Which is a term that does not represent the Latino population. Because Hispanics prefer to be referred to as White or Brown, much like large swarms of Middle Eastern people who came to America during the 70s throughout 2000.

Despite Black communities' faithful voting habits inspired by the Emancipation Proclamation plus Civil Rights Movement, Black voters—inadvertently supported Democratic agendas that did not intend to advance Black citizens during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This miscalculation by Black leadership provided upward mobility for Hispanic and Middle Eastern populations who held long-term biases towards completely unaware Black citizens who were not fully informed of the part that Spanish and Middle Eastern history played in partnership with the Catholic Church regarding chattel slavery. And because of this learning curve, Black citizens have unknowingly forfeited our majority-minority position to people who had done little to nothing to do with advancing civil, human, housing, and voting rights here in North America.

How is this possible, you may ask? If Black citizens' ancestors did not rise out of slavery and taken arms to fight with the Union Army, the North would have never won. The Confederate Army, with their Mexican plus certain Native American Tribes, deemed civilized, were beating the North. It was Frederick Douglas and other radical Republicans, Black and White, that demanded that Black men be allowed to fight for their freedom. And the rest is history.

So if Black citizen's ancestors did not

  • Build the Country

  • Win the Civil War

  • Get Slavery Abolished

  • Enforce Public Education For All Citizens

  • Enforce Civil, Human, and Voting Rights plus

  • Affirmative Action

No one would enjoy a farthing of prosperity or peace in this country. Confederates would have won, and America would be a lawless country still peddling enslavement and outlandish child abuse with the assistance of her Middle Eastern and Mexican allies, as usual. Thankfully, this is not the case, but my point is that what Black Americans have done while paying taxes all their lives has sustained the lifestyle of people who despitefully use Black citizenship enforcement of the law. While outside countries, special-interest political groups have thoughtfully plotted against Black American citizens' well-being. To fulfill racist America and outside country's agendas. That's treason. That means this is not Black America's fight.

To show the overall negative impact of the displacement of American citizens in housing, we can look at Long Branch, N.J. For example, in Long Branch, NJ, Pleasure Bay Apartments, located on Atlantic Ave, is an apartment complex that was once rented to Black citizens equal to that of White citizens who reside in the complex. But over the years, apartment complex ownership changed, and the population shifted once Long Branch, N.J., became a sanctuary city. The apartment complex is currently filled with insourced workers and their families from Mexico and South America by design. This is just one of many apartment complexes that utilize Jim Crow credit checks that primarily do not lease to citizens, especially if they are Black. The blocked housing strategy has led more citizen children into homelessness, high school dropouts, and higher suicide attempts for displaced children and young adults ages 13 to 24. It's as if nobody, including Black leadership, counted the cost or negative impact that bringing hundreds of thousands of insourced families into segregated, overly crowded towns and cities would have on American citizens.

So, Black people, before we go, run out to uplift other people's causes who have no good intentions towards Black citizens or our children since slavery. Stop and stand down. We're being used. If America were a husband to Black America, it would be a relationship full of adultery and treason. And we do not have to put up with that. That's not our job. Our job is to ensure our people's needs are met. Black children have consistent, stable, quality homes to live and grow up in. Our historical institutions and sacred burial grounds are preserved and cared for, our people, as a whole, this includes our low-income Black citizens plus seniors needs are met fully, and our people are all being treated fairly and with respect because Black citizens walk out into a hostile environment every day. And we have plenty of unwon battles yet to win.

So instead of believing the lie that it's all good in the hood while justifying the buffoonery of allowing young impressionable minds to see Lil Nas X prance about the Met Gala with silver high heels, silver body paint plus a stunning diamond & pearl face mask from Ole New Orleans means that we, as a people have arrived, is an unjustifiable ignorance that no Black citizen should sit back and accept. On a side note witnessing Nas X and the other Black men dressed up as women at the 2023 Met Gala brought me nothing but horrifying memories of the Antebellum South and chattel slavery. But I digress.

With that said, I am pretty sure nothing will more than likely happen to the new surge of immigrants who dragged their or somebody else's children over hills and leech-filled rivers to sleep on the streets and enter America illegally because their countries are working with treasonous political sets here in America and refuse to do the right thing for their citizens. It is not an American Black citizen problem. Hence, if President Biden gets wild hair while taking a different perspective on the toll that thronging hoards of immigrants crossing the border with their guns, children, and fentanyl to sell might not be such a good idea after all. While Mexico and South American Governments fill their coffers with money. In contrast, if Biden, while reading the statistics of more and more citizens becoming disenfranchised due to the surge of asylum seekers that have entered the country for the past 40 years with the strategic support from immigrant special interest groups against the best interest of the American public. Don't get upset if the old man on the hill says. The buck stops here.

Despite Biden Administration's charitable nature. The Biden Administration doesn't like treason. Or going against American citizens' well-being or best interests. So Black America, for the love of God, stand down. We do not know who we are dealing with, nor do any of our Black leadership, and we have a learning curve in that area of American plus World History. Once again, I doubt anything will happen, but if it does, know the payment for treason can be a dish best served cold. And that plate isn't for us. I can't wait to hear your feedback! Thanks for reading. Be kind to all people and mind your own business.


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