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David Dinkins, Warrior, And Friend Of The People Passed Away At Age 93.

New York's first Black Mayor and advocate for racial harmony David N. Dinkins passed away two months after his beloved wife, Joyce Dinkins. Mayor Bill De Blasio parlayed the message of his death to a bereaved public. The former Mayor of N.Y. David N. Dinkins passed away on November 23, 2020.

David N. Dinkins was born on July 10, 1927, in Trenton, NJ. His parents were Sally and William Harvey-Dinkins, Jr. An article shared in the N.Y. Times stated that Mayor Dinkins's parents separated when he was in the first grade. He and his sister would later reside in Harlem, NY, for a short period with their mother. David Dinkins and his sister returned to Trenton to live with his father and his new wife, Lottie Hartzell, shortly after.

Per an article written by Robert D. McFadden of the New York Times on November 24, 2020. Shares that Dinkins was an excellent student. Dinkins, who attended Trenton Central High School, served in both the Army and Marines Corps and graduated from Howard University with a degree in Mathematics. Mayor David Dinkins also met his beloved wife at Howard University Joyce Burrows. Joyce Burrows was a sociology major. They married in 1953. The Dinkins are survived by their two children David Jr. and Donna Dinkins-Hoggard, two grandchildren, and his sister Mrs. Joyce Belton.

As we witness this changing of the guard, may we all hope and pray that the Lord will continue to bless us with leaders who are as tough as nails and kind of heart as David N Dinkins was. The people's mayor.

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