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Daddy's Home! America's Dad Released From Prison

Billy Cosby was released from jail after suffering three years in prison. The report of Cosby's release was shared on a Roland Martin Unfiltered Broadcast on June 30. The panelist who deliberated on broadcast on why Cosby was released were:

  • Cosby's former attorney Monique Pressley

  • A. Scott Bolden Former Chairman of the Nat’l Bar Association PAC, and

  • Robert Patillo, Executive Director of Rainbow Push Coalition Peachtree Street Project

(pictured above and below)

The panelist explicitly explained why the 83-year-old actor and HBCU advocate should have never been put in jail in the first place.

Panelist explained in short that the Pennsylvania highest court vacated Cosby's judgment because the case was previously negotiated and the legal issue had already been resolved in 2005. Panelists informed viewership that In America, it is against the law to try a person again once the legal matter had been settled. Simply put, when a plea bargain is agreed upon, it is just as crucial for the court system not to rescind or overlook outlined agreements or settlements, especially when the prosecutorial team has decided NOT to bring any more charges.

Was Bill Cosby innocent all along?

As Black people, we know in all too many cases that when our people utilize or submit to a deal with the district attorney, they are doing this because it seems like a good idea at the time. And to Cosby's surprise, while incarcerated, he met men who had cases that were resolved per a plead deal with local DA's and were still penalized and placed in prison despite plea deal. Per the Innocent Project, today's legal system can pressure even innocent people into plea deals. Especially if the person is Black because they realize that the system is "stacked against them."

How did we get here?

The two main accusers of Bill Cosby were Andrea Constrand, an HBCU Temple University Sports Administrator who received 3.4 million dollars per a 2006 settlement with Cosby. Who were followed up by Janice Dickerson, a former judge on America's Next Top Model, and many accusers who were predominantly white women. All accusers claimed that they were victims of Cosby's lunch, dinner, and drug-induced dates.

(Pictured below Bill Cosby with his beautiful wife Camille - Married for 57 years.)

The stand-out issue with most of the accusers cases, including Constrand, is that they stayed in touch and continued to seek out - outings with Cosby after the supposed incidents occurred.

(Below Montgomery County D.A. Bruce Castor)

What DA addressed and settled the case years ago?

Constrand approached Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor in 2005. Castor felt, per an Asbury Park Press article, that the Constrand case "was flawed." Castor "declined to prosecute" Cosby and instead "encouraged Constrand to sue for damages." Once Constrand successfully obtained settlement from 71 year Cosby, every adulterous date that Cosby had in the past jumped out of the bushes claiming sexual misconduct. And the rest is history.

Per a CNN report by Ray Sanchez, Crosby's attorney Jenifer Bonjean reported that "He is extremely happy to be home. This has been a hard three years for the entire family. It's really a blessing for him."

"Bill Bill Cosby stands next to his spokesman Andrew Wyatt and lawyer Jennifer Bonjean outside Cosby's home after Pennsylvania's highest court overturned his sexual assault conviction and ordered him released from prison immediately, in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, U.S., June 30, 2021. REUTERS/Mark Makela"

The beloved actor is known for his many TV series, books, higher education advocacy, family-friendly movies, love for his people, and the institutions that his people established throughout the years. Such as

  • Historic Black Colleges,

  • The Negro Fund, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," and

  • Historic Black churches.

Pictured below Benedict College Choir HBC

Cosby's life has not been perfect or easy. He experienced the tragic loss of his only son Ennis William Cosby on Jan 16, 1997, to gun violence by a Ukrainian immigrant with possible mob ties named Mikhail Markhasev. And his beautiful daughter Ensa Cosby passed away on Friday, Feb. 23, 2018 at age 44. She maintained her fathers innocence at all times.

Mr. Cosby and his family have been through a lot throughout the years. And The Echo, NJ's oldest Black-owned Newspaper, wishes him and his family healing, love, and long life in the days ahead. Thank you for reading and please be blessed with Tye Tribrett's contemporary version of "I Still Have Joy."

Reference article links:,in%20a%20failed%20robbery%20attempt.

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