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  • Karen Edmond

Critical Race Theory & the Big Bad Wolf. Who Should Be Afraid? Systematic Racism. And Here's Why.

Malcolm X once said, "I've had enough of someone else's propaganda... I'm for truth, no matter who tells it."

For those who believe that the truth can break the bondage of the mind, Critical Race Theory may be the antidote to deliver hundreds of thousands of people here in America. Ignorance, per the Webster Dictionary, is simply having a "lack of knowledge." To put it thoroughly, when people are not fully informed on a subject matter, people, place, or thing, it is more than likely that they will not correctly manage or even communicate on a subject matter, process, or situation.

It's like telling someone to bake a cake, and they ask you how? And then you tell them, "well, all you need is eggs, milk, flour, and sugar." Although eggs, milk, flour, and sugar are indeed ingredients in making a cake. But because you neglected to give precise measurements plus left out essential elements to make a cake such as vanilla, salt, butter, baking powder, greased & floured baking pans, temperature to cook the said cake, and time to bake the said cake in the oven. Said person given the misinformation on how to bake a cake will consistently fail at baking a cake.

That said person is unsuccessful at baking said cake because you never gave them the complete recipe or story on making a cake. And in turn, while you are baking just one wonderful cake after another. The person you misinformed by design - let's call that "structural racism" will consistently fail on the whole unless, for some reason, out of the blue, they start making up recipes on their own and go off the beaten path of misinformation you gave them. And by total accident or coincidence, manage to bake a decent cake. (But that said person is the exception, not the rule.)

So let's be clear. Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not an example of going off of the beaten path. But, CRT is instead the example of providing a full recipe so that people can better navigate, decipher, and discern American history accurately. Like being given the whole recipe to bake a cake successfully. Period.

The bible says, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32 King James Version.) And this principle is true. The outcome of disclosing true American history will better empower Americans, especially our Black citizenship, to comprehend better who they are dealing with and how America functions as a nation. This information will help them (Black citizenship in particular and allies) not be the victim or play the role pre-designated for them, which is to be

  • Poor

  • Ignorant of the truth, and

  • Blaming themselves for the evil intentions that others set them up to be.

An excellent example of systematic racism goals would be to see a large population of Black children ultimately on the norm end up in jail wearing chains just like their ancestors did. Theorist calls that process "The Cradle to Prison Pipeline." And it's a process that we must dismantle. On purpose, but if we are not fully informed on how and when this process came into fruition. Then we will keep marching around the same old mountain that leads us into that vulnerability or powerlessness to repeat history over and over again.

Another example of not understanding the entire history of America shows up by the way Black people treat, talk to, or allow people to treat our children. Or worse, what we allow people to do to our people's children. CRT (Critical Race Theory) will help people recognize clearly where

  • Certain perverse behaviors came from, like child molestation.

  • Why does a portion of Black citizenship still speak hateful words over their's and other Black folks children instead of words of nurture, kindness, and goodwill plus why

  • As a group, Black citizenship allows a society with no good intentions to treat their children like 4th class citizens.

To adequately address said learned behavior and non-care towards Black children's equal rights with their peers, we will have to know where that behavior came from. And CRT will make Black citizenship understand that - that sort of behavior directly correlates to their traumatic past and is not the expected behavior of who they are per their indigenous lineage. Whether from Africa or here in North America. That is the behavior of your colonist slave master. It wasn't right when they (meaning male or female colonists) did these things to your ancestors. Nor is it right now.

But the only way to dismantle sad, wrong, and or perverse behavior is by ultimately becoming aware of where it came from. And better yet, once becoming fully aware of said trauma caused by slavery, they can dismantle their chains of bondage on their minds. Plus, as a whole, address what policy or state department, for example, social services that help to put them in a situation of jeopardy on the most part. (While taking their tax money for the last 140 years.) And why.

So Critical Race Theory will empower people with the knowledge to refuse any wrong information that others may bring to their door because they'll know the truth. And the truth can set them free to be the best that they can be. And not the worse that they can be as an individual as well as a unified group. (Below a portrait of Tecumseh the Shawnee Chief)

Thanks for reading. And in closing, Critical Race Theory will be able to address a variety of misinformation. And I only scratched the surface. Ultimately, in my opinion, this process will better able Americans, Black & White, to understand why reparation payments are necessary for Black citizens, in particular, who are the direct survivors of chattel slavery. As well as stop other Americans who act out repeated treasonous behaviors that threaten the security of our country as a whole.

And by the way..did I tell you that colonists may have never owned this land up until this day? Or who Tecumseh the Shawnee Chief is and what the confederation of indigenous America is? And how they were not friends or want any dealings with colonist on a whole? It's deep. Please enjoy "I Can Understand It" by Bobby Womack.

And don't be afraid of the big bad wolf of Critical Race Theory unless you aim to continue to misinform the public with propaganda that seeks to oppress your fellow Black citizen if that's the case. As Hudson, played by Bill Paxton in the film Aliens, said, "Game over man. Game over."

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