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Boys Are From Venus! Tips From Tiasia To Equip Your Teenager With Handy Technology Items For School!

I can't be the only one who feels like it's so hard for me to shop or my 17-year-old son. I get aunties and uncles who can give them cards with money; no problem, they're happy. As my mom, I want to wrap a gift he will be genuinely delighted to open. Well, I got to googling and found some cool things, so if you have a teenager, son, nephew, grandson, or friend, here are some ideas that may bring a little black boy joy his way!

1. Wireless Earbuds or Headphones:

- High-quality wireless earbuds or headphones for listening to music, gaming, or watching videos on the go.

2. Gaming Accessories:

- Gaming headset, controller, or gaming keyboard/mouse combo for an enhanced gaming experience.

3. Smartphone Accessories:

- Phone stand, pop socket, or wireless charger for convenient smartphone use.

4. Bluetooth Speaker:

- A portable Bluetooth speaker for playing music, podcasts, or enhancing gaming audio.

5. Portable Power Bank:

- An external battery charger to keep devices powered up while on the move.

6. Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker:

- A smartwatch or fitness tracker that tracks activity, notifications, and more.

7. Virtual Reality Headset:

- A VR headset for immersive gaming and entertainment experiences.

8. Drone:

- A beginner-friendly drone for exploring aerial photography and videography.

9. Coding Kit:

- A coding or programming kit to nurture an interest in computer science and technology.

10. LED Strip Lights:

- Color-changing LED strip lights to create a customizable ambiance in their room.

11. Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard:

- A compact wireless keyboard for easy typing on various devices.

12. Portable Projector:

- A pocket-sized projector for movie nights or sharing content on the go.

13. Smart Home Gadgets:

- Smart plugs, light bulbs, or voice assistants for exploring home automation.

14. Wireless Gaming Mouse:

- A high-performance wireless gaming mouse for precision and comfort during gaming.

15. Tech Gadgets and Kits:

- Fun gadgets like mini arcade games, DIY electronics kits, or remote-controlled cars.

Aim to consider the teenager's interests and hobbies when choosing a tech gift. Whether they're into gaming, music, coding, or just exploring new technologies, there's likely a tech gift that will align with their passions. It's the thought that counts! But it's the awareness that takes the win. Remember, Darling, the show must go on and in good fashion.

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