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Black History Spotlight: Reeveytown A.M.E. Zion Church (1882) Tinton Falls, NJ

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

November 30, 2011 Provided by Pure History

"Reeveytown was settled by the Reevey’s and Richardson families in 1882. The first pastor was Rev. J.P. Thompson. The first funeral was that of Emiline Richardson, March 3, 1890, at the age of seventy years young. The first wedding was Miss. Georgina Reevey to Mr. DuBoise. The first Sunday School Superintendent was Hannah Richardson. According to tradition, one of the early settlers of the area was Issac Reevey Richardson, a Cherokee Indian Chief who migrated from North Carolina. The town’s name originated from the large families of Reeveys.

There were many large families of Reeveys in the area: and, it was known as Reeveytown. Elsie Reevey provided a piece of ground to build a church on Shafto Road. The church didn’t have a deed. So, John Brown and Leonard Sammons, (Both now deceased). Brought property in Reeveytown, including the property where the church was located, and gave the church a deed. Reeveytown Church is a Christian Monument to the Reeveys and Richardson families.

Camp Meetings was one of the outstanding Autumn’s events in Reeveytown, that neighbors, friends and relatives came from miles around on their horses and wagons to attend the yearly event. Quite a few people didn’t know where Reeveytown was until the meat shortage. During World II, meats were rationed. There was an Abattoir in Reeveytown and anyone could get all the meats they wanted. Many people inquired where Reeveytown was, and since then it’s been put on the map as an historical land mark in the State of New Jersey.

In October 1994, the white shingled church with its red front door, built by members of the community in 1882, was demolished to make room for the expansion of the nearby Monmouth County Reclamation Center. Even though the original church building is now gone, the congregation is sitting on a new site at Shafto Road. Down through the years; from 1882 to present, are some of the known Ministers that faithfully served at Reeveytown:

Rev. J.P. Thompson

Rev. J. CarrRev. C.L. Clemons

Rev. K.F. Butler

Rev. Black

Rev. Hogan

Rev. Johnson

Rev. Murphy

Rev. J.E. Kelley (Second Term)

Rev. P. Hicks

Rev. J.E. Kelley

Rev. I.H. Greene

Rev. Lewis

Rev. Ramsey

Rev. Edward Starks to Present

Rev. Robert

Rev. Butlerworth


Abattoir definition: Slaughter House

Big thank you to Anita Hogan, A.M.E. ZION 'S Bishop Hogan's daughter. Plus, the entire Hogan, Reevey, Thompson, and Starks families.

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