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By Karen Brittingham-Edmond Publisher of Echo News T.V.

Senator Kamala Harris, an unashamed Black woman and proud graduate of historic HBCU Howard University, is the first woman plus a female person of color to run on a major political party's presidential ticket. This momentous occasion happened on August 11, 2020. According to a Wall Street Journal report by Ken Thomas and Tarini Parti titled Kamala Harris, Biden's V.P. Pick, Beat 10 Other Finalist for the Job. The democratic candidates for president and vice president "will make their public debut Wednesday, August 12, 2020."

Senator Harris is known to be a strong opponent against racism, police brutality, and child abuse. She has advocated on behalf of

  • Families

  • Environmental Wellness

  • Reparations

  • Healthcare and

  • Political civility when working with other countries for the common good.

Per a CBS report by Pamela Faulk July 3, 2020, with retired U.N. Ambassador & Civil Rights Leader plus former Mayor of Atlanta, Andrew Young states that America has "been spending almost $6 trillion in various wars around the world. And that's the reason our economy's in trouble." Young recommends, "Heading back to solving problems without violence, getting back to working together with people and talking out differences is still the only way we're going to have one peaceful planet that's also prosperous."

Ambassador Andrew Young awarded presidential candidate Joe Biden with the "2017 Andrew J. Young International Leadership Award on his 85th birthday.

Biden & Harris are strong Americans who understand the many textiles and layers that our country represents both politically and spiritually. Hence voting for a Biden Harris ticket on November 3, 2020, will provide America a chance to exhale and re-start the healing process that former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young recommends.

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