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Alert An Message From A.M.E. Church In Regards To Active Shooter Awareness Training

Dear readers, in the light of the ongoing threat of gun violence in our country, the African Methodist Episcopal Church has shared this alert for congregants in case the unfortunate event that they or their families encounter an active domestic terrorist shooter. The information below provides easy-to-understand videos that can help you and yours if you meet such persons or groups. I have reviewed the video and found that the material is highly informative and, unfortunately, good to know. Review active shooter awareness videos at your own pace. The Echo graciously thanks Pastor Natalie Mitchem, the Executive Director of the African Methodist Episcopal Church Health Commission, for relaying this life-saving information.

Caringly shared by The Echo Press on June 22, 2022, K Brittingham-Edmond

"Good evening, ma'am or sir. I pray this message finds each of you safe, though our United States mourns again from the loss of innocent lives in yet another active shooter situation in an elementary school.

For the many of you who may not have received this training in the past, I am attaching the full Active Shooter Preparedness webinar training video from the DHS. It is a relatively brief video that provides practical information that may save all our lives; again, it provides practical steps for all churches to take to prepare for such tragedies. Therefore, I would respectfully ask that you share this with your Presiding Elders and Pastors, so that they may share it with their congregations.

Please contact me, should you have any questions or comments; likewise, please have anyone needing assistance with establishing a plan reach out to me. I thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Respectfully yours,

Ako Cromwell Director of Global Security

African Methodist Episcopal Church (A Global Religious Institution)"

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