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Afternoon Tea With KBritt Thanksgiving Week Happenings Plus Announcements!

November 21, 2023

The Hawk Is Out With High Wind Gusts

And Blustery Cold Temperatures!

Yes, the Hawk is upon us, certifying that Summer is over and Winter is coming, just in time for the Thanksgiving Holidays. The storm system will be packed with widespread rainfall. It primarily hits the New Jersey area between Tuesday afternoon, with the heaviest rain happening overnight and Wednesday morning. Experts are saying that because of poor drainage, areas may experience flash flooding. And there is even a chance for snow in the Poconos area. So dress warm. Ensure children walking to school wear rain slickers over their coats and hats. And try this delicious recipe for a quick chicken and dumplings stew that will warm your family's stomachs and hearts during this frosty season!

Miss Karen's Quick Chicken & Dumpling Stew


  • 1 1/2 Cups Of Milk

  • 1 Container Of Pillsbury "Grands" Jumbo Flaky Biscuit

  • 1 Can (10 1/2 pz) Condensed Cream Of Chicken Soups

  • 2 Cups Of Cooked Chicken

  • 1 Small Onion Chopped

  • 1 celery Stalk Chopped

  • 1 cup Of Frozen Peas and Carrots

  • 2 tablespoons of Butter or Margarine.

Add butter and saute chopped onion and celery in a quarter pan until tender. Add a tablespoon of water to the saute pan. Once fresh vegetables are sauteed (3 mins), add milk, frozen peas, carrots, cooked chicken chopped up, plus cream of chicken soup. Heat to boiling over medium to high heat, stirring frequently. Then, reduce to a simmer.

While the stew is simmering, open a Pillsbury dough biscuit container and cut each biscuit into fours. (Like a pie) Drop biscuit pieces into simmering stew. Spoon stew over biscuits, then cover and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes or until biscuit dumplings are cooked. Serve with Hot tea plus bacon cornbread. And watch the smiles rise on your family's faces.

Beloved Second Baptist Pastor Rev Aaron N. Gibson, Sr., Is Retiring After

27 Years Of Faithful Service.

Beloved Second Baptist Pastor Rev Aaron N. Gibson, Sr., will retire after 27 years of faithful service. Rev Aaron N. Gibson Sr. was "installed as the 13th pastor of Second Baptist Church Long Branch." Before Pastor Gibson became the pastor of the over 130-year African-American Institution, the Honorable Rev C.P. Williams, with whom the Black community depended on having their concerns addressed and cared for, was pastor for over 50 years. Rev Cornelius P. Williams was feared by politicians and respected throughout every church domination in Monmouth County, N.J. Rev Aaron Gibson's pastorate continued where Rev C.P. left off. Leading hundreds to Christ throughout his twenty-seven-year reign that led the Second Baptist Church to develop two church services " – one "at 7:30 A.M.. and 11 A.M." Rev Gibson's beloved wife, First Lady Sheila Yvonne Gibson, was called home to the Lord in August 2023. Her departure broke the hearts of many community members throughout New Jersey. She was known to be steadfast and faithful by her husband's side while serving the church's needs via her many ministries and contributions. Please celebrate this great man of God, Pastor Aaron Gibson Sr., by attending his retirement dinner. To learn more about Pastor Gibson's advocacy and influence on the Long Branch and surrounding community, please read the Asbury Park Press Article titled "Church Called Foundation Of Community." An article detailing the importance of the Black church in New Jersey.

It's That Time Of Year Again, So Lock Your Car Doors!

Today in Winslow Township, N.J., a teenager entered a running vehicle, which resulted in an ongoing fight behind the wheel of the car; once owner of the car ran out and jumped into his own vehicle while the car drove away. The result of said confusion led to multiple collisions with other cars. The suspect escaped on foot but was later located thanks to the victim's eyewitness account plus video evidence. The victim left his car running while in a nearby Jersey Bagel. All this happened in front of the Sicklerville Road Convenience Store located in Winslow Township, N.J. To learn more, please click the link:

The Beloved First Lady Rosalynn Carter Passes Away Nov 19, 2023

President Jimmy Carter's beloved wife was called home to the Lord on Sunday, November 19, 2023, at age 96. Per a Washington Post report by Mary Jordan and Kevin Sullivan shares, "Rosalynn was Jimmy's devoted partner for 77 years until she died Sunday at age 96. They traveled the world together during and after his presidency. She was at his side when he entered hospice care at home nine months ago, and he was at her side after it was announced a few months later that she had dementia. Jimmy was with Rosalynn on Friday when she joined him in hospice care. With her passing, however, the former president is now without his Rosalynn for the first time since she was a teenager." The Carters were a rare commodity as they served as President and First Lady. Their demeanor was always professional and Christian. They sought to address ongoing issues of racism in education by placing a Detroit native, Dr. Claud Anderson, as President Jimmy Carter's Assistant Secretary in the U.S. Department of Commerce and Florida's Education Coordinator during the 1970s.

The Carters emphasized with the public and sought to make a difference in homeless citizens and the elderly lives. The Rosalyn Carter Institute, founded by First Lady Carter in 1987, supports caregivers and family members who care for folks who need the assistance of a caring hand and a good heart to care for them. To learn more about this excellent First Lady Rosalyn Carter, please click on the Washington Post article here:

Middletown, New Jersey, Representing Front And Center In

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2023

A Middletown native, New Jersey, female named Amelia Ainbinder will lead the Rutgers marching band down Fifth Avenue on Thursday November 23, 2023. Ainbinder is a 23-year-old drum major for the Rutgers Marching Scarlet Knights. The Marching Scarlet Knights band began in 1914. The 11-member military band was a part of the Reserve Officer Training Corps. The band now has over 350 members in 2023. Ainbinder is one of the few female drum majors in New Jersey. The 97th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will officially kick off live on N.B.C. Thursday, November 23, at 8:30 A.M. To learn more about Ainbinder, click here.

Black History Moment: Rev. Joseph A. Delaine

Reverend Joseph Armstrong DeLaine

The Reverend Joseph Armstrong DeLaine was one of the true heroes in the civil rights struggle to break down the barriers of segregation. DeLaine's faith and call to make a difference with the ongoing blockage of civil rights for Black citizens started at an early age. Delaine was expected to become a farmer or a craftsman, but instead, he enrolled at Allen University in Columbia, SC, where he earned a bachelor's degree in 1931. DeLaine worked as a laborer and ran a dry cleaning business near the campus to finance his education. DeLaine, while attending Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina, also obtained a bachelor of divinity degree at the University Dickerson Seminary. Per the South Carolina African American History Calendar website, Delaine "combined preaching with teaching and was a public schoolteacher in South Carolina for 17 years." While teaching, Delaine witnessed the many layers of discrimination and classism while teaching at the Macedonia Baptist High School in Blackville, per the S.C.A.A.H. report. (South Carolina African American History)

Rev DeLaine saw that discrimination was not just racial. Despite being a successful teacher, the school's trustees would not give him a permanent appointment unless he left the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Per a quote from Rev Delaine concerning the abovementioned issue, Delaine is known to have said: "A person who hates another because of looks is just as bad as one who stupidly hates another's faith in the church of his choice." Per the article, "The origins of the now famous Clarendon County School Segregation Case began in the late 1940s when DeLaine, along with other African-Americans, sought to secure equal educational opportunities for Black children." Taking a stand against racism in the educational field led many participants to lose their jobs. Many participants in the movement lost their jobs. DeLaine, his two sisters, and a niece were all fired from their teaching positions.

In 1950, he was moved from Clarendon County to another pastorate in Lake City for his safety. In May 1951, the first legal challenge to the validity of the "separate but equal" doctrine in public schools was heard in Charleston before a panel of three federal judges. Among them was Judge J. Waties Waring, who issued the dissenting opinion that segregation in South Carolina's public schools was unconstitutional. Upon appeal to the United States Supreme Court, Briggs v. Elliott, as the case was known, was returned to the lower court for a review of South Carolina's efforts to improve the conditions in Black schools. Ultimately, Briggs v. Elliott became one of five cases considered and heard collectively under Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. To learn more about the success of Rev Delaine and the vital role he played in the Civil Rights Movement, please click the link here:

Thanks for reading the relaunched Echo,

New Jersey's oldest Black-owned newspaper since 1904.

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