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Afternoon Tea With K. Britt Friday April 5, 2024. Chat Topics: Surprise Quake Rocks NJ - Pig Kidney Saves A Life - General Baptist Church Inc Announcement - Surviving Springtime In NJ And More!

April 5, 2024

Surprise Quake Rocks New Jersey: What We Know So Far.

As per the United States Geological Survey, an earthquake measuring 4.8 on the Richter scale was detected, with its epicenter located seven kilometers north-northeast of Whitehouse Station (Readington) in New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy announced that the State Emergency Operations Center has been activated, allowing round-the-clock staffing to manage response and recovery operations. Meanwhile, Governor Kathy Hochul of New York released a statement via X (formerly Twitter), mentioning that officials are evaluating the impacts of the earthquake and any possible damage that may have occurred. Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro also stated that they are assessing the potential damage caused by the earthquake.

If an earthquake is powerful enough to cause destruction, it will likely generate multiple noticeable aftershocks within the first hour. However, the frequency of these aftershocks decreases rapidly over time. On the day following the mainshock, the number of aftershocks is roughly half that of the first day. And, as time passes, the frequency of aftershocks drops significantly - after ten days, the number of aftershocks is only around a tenth of what it was on the first day. Click the link to learn what you should do during an earthquake:,and%20buildings%2C%20and%20stay%20there.

From Swine to Survive:

"Man Receives Pig Kidney and Lives"

According to recent news reports, a man at Massachusetts General Hospital has received the first pig kidney transplant in the United States. The surgery took place in late April and is part of an experimental program to explore the potential of xenotransplantation - the transplantation of organs from one species to another.

The patient, Rick Slayman, is said to be doing well and is expected to recover fully. The pig kidney was genetically modified to reduce the likelihood of rejection by the human immune system, and the patient is being closely monitored for any signs of complications.

Xenotransplantation has been a subject of research for many years, but progress has been slow due to concerns about potential health risks. However, some experts believe that it could offer a solution to the shortage of human organs available for transplant, which currently results in many patients dying while waiting for a suitable donor.

The pig kidney transplant is just the latest in a series of medical breakthroughs that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of transplantation. While many challenges remain to be overcome, this achievement represents an important milestone in the ongoing quest to save more lives through organ transplantation.

Surviving the Storm: Navigating Earthquakes, Nor'easters, And Springtime In New Jersey! You Never Know What Mother Nature Has In Store For You in the Garden State.

Jersey Central Power & Light, Monmouth County's main electric provider, reported that more than 18,000 people in Monmouth County were without power Thursday morning after a northeastern storm landed. Per a report provided by Carly Baldwin of the Middletown Patch on Thursday, April 4, 2024, titled 18,000+ Without Power In Monmouth County. The article shares the JCP&L's outage map that provides a schematic of areas affected by the storm.

Also, as of 9 A.M. Thursday Rt. 36 in Eatontown was closed in both directions between Monmouth Road and Rt. 35 due to a downed utility pole, News 12 reported, which was located

near Monmouth Mall, which is affecting traffic at one of the busiest intersections in the county.

In Middletown, multiple traffic lights went out Wednesday night at Newman Springs Road, a main artery in the Township. Swimming River Road was also closed at Newman Springs Road; it may be reopened as of Thursday morning, per the report.

In addendum

Although Colorado State University hurricane researchers are predicting an extremely active Atlantic hurricane season in their initial 2024 forecast. There is no direct correlation between an earthquake and hurricane activity, as these are two separate natural phenomena. Earthquakes occur due to tectonic plate movements, whereas hurricanes are caused by warm ocean temperatures and atmospheric conditions. Therefore, an earthquake on the Jersey Shore would not necessarily have an impact on the hurricane season. However, it is important to note that the hurricane season in the Atlantic typically runs from June 1st to November 30th, and it is always advisable to stay informed and prepared for any potential hurricane threats in your area. To learn more, please click the link:



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