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A Letter To The Duchess of Sussex -Commentary

A Letter To The Duchess of Sussex

Dear readers, I know that folks are out in the streets shooting innocent people because our country refuses to ban citizens' leisure gun access. Our government needs to grow a spine and admit that because of too many Americans' consistent bad behavior with guns over the years has now ruined everybody's privilege to have access to firearms. (Pictured below 39-year-old Carl Dorsey III murdered by NJ State Police Officer)

Also, I am not neglecting the horrific shooting by officers again taking the life of unarmed innocent Black men here in N.J. I am looking forward to completing a write-up on that topic and the Tamika Mallory situation regarding Samaria Rice and Lisa Simpson's demands of support and respect regarding their deceased children's poster-childing by nonprofits. (Below Tamir's Rice mother picture w/a picture of Tamika Mallory)

Let me clear the air. I love and pray for Sister Tamika Mallory. It is with out a doubt that B.L.M. Volunteers whether Black, White, Asian, or otherwise put their lives on the limb in hopes of preventing any more tragedies like what happened to Sister Rice's and Sister Simpson's children. On a side note, I know those mother's misdirected anger seems to be at Mallory, but it isn't. It's at the machine behind the scene putting Sister Mallory out front like a scapegoat while building capital to resolve issues the organization behind the curtain of B.L.M. deems essential.

And that doesn't necessarily mean that those funds will go to Black folks in the long run. It doesn't matter if B.L.M. gave funds to Black organizations. Suppose the usual devil in the detail of said fundings requires that said resource aid undocumented residence, for example. In that case, Black citizenship will not receive resources even though the grant or donation is coordinated by a historic Black organization like the NAACP. And there's nothing that Black organizations can do but demand that the resources be equally distributed to Black citizens. But if they do that, they may lose funding because they will then be outside the funding allocations' guidelines.

White nonprofits have been raising millions of dollars and disenfranchising Black people for the longest, by design, for the last 40 years. We know that this is true because if the resources were distributed fairly, both mother's Rice & Simpson, would be sitting real pretty right now. And rightly so. So that is not Tamika Mallory's fault. It's systematic racism's fault. Moreover the pipeline of systematic discrimination targeted at Black Americans for the last 40 years needs to be dismantled. Furthermore I am looking forward to reporting on all the above issues. But with all the issues affecting Black America today, Prince Harry and Duchess Megan's situation is essential and deserves Black America's attention.

To recap, Oprah Winfrey had a televised interview with Prince Harry & Duchess Megan of Sussex (and yes, I am calling them Prince and Duchess because once a Prince & Duchess always a Prince and Duchess unless your promoted.) In short, the interview was intense and very personal. Oprah enjoyed every discouraging word that the couple poured out. When everything was said and done, Megan truly felt intimidated by life in the palace on every level, which is understandable. From a variety of research that I peruse over, I found that royal life is tough. They must abide by a very rigorous schedule that would put most people flat on the ground from exhaustion. Also, the royal family is like every other family. They are going to have something to say about your business. And the reason why is because your family now and that's what families do.

And let's face it, Megan being a free woman from America who's unashamedly Black initially means that you will not be a happy camper in the queen's palace. But here's the thing, Meg, God has placed you in that seat of influence for a reason. Just like when he put King George's wife, Queen Sophia-Charolette, another light skinned beautiful Black woman, in the palace. Queen Sophia advocated and assisted with the dismantling of slavery behind the scenes. Queen Sophia strategically supported the enlightenment movement that swept thru Europe then rippled across to America. By Queen Sophia, helping Wilburforce and others like him, effectually stopped slave traders from using the sea and ocean to transport kidnapped Africans. That's right, Duchess. If slave traders couldn't walk on air, they weren't going to be able to steal people from Africa and bring them to the Americas. That was major. And so were the monetary resources sent to help freed Blacks become more empowered, build institutions, and become a political force here in America. England helped to do that with Queen Sofia in her office. (Below picture of Queen Charlotte un-whitened)

You need to do a little reading on the history of the A.M.E. Church, Frederick Douglas, John Rock, and the enlightenment movement. The enlightenment movement was not a movement glorifying the flesh but a movement that glorifies God in men's hearts to do the right thing. A glorification that brings repentance and long-term change for the better and not for the worse. And now here you are at a time when Black people of America have been shanghaied into another whirlwind of disenfranchisement by people who plot the death of their children utilizing systematic racism.

Black America is experiencing economic sabotage like no other people in America. In every aspect of their lives. Upon graduating from high school, millions of Black children are ushered right into jail because of poverty, gang propaganda, and systematic racism. Black single mothers are the number one homeless population in the country. They are blocked from low-income or project housing because of a credit check. A credit check that's not required by 8 million people who come here undocumented for the last 20 years. Causing Black citizenship to wait while all others go ahead. This economic sabotage is pushing Black citizenship into a 4th class position even though it was our people's prays and struggle that enforced civil rights and broke the chains of slavery.

We have real evil in this country. The only way that this attack against our people can be stopped is by good people like you and Prince Harry shining a light on the situation and assisting with the dismantling of structural racism in America per goodwill efforts plus implementations. So with that being said, assume your office in the palace. Your husband loves you. Royals aren't going to let anything happen to you or those beautiful babies.

Regarding the royal family's inquiry in the area of how dark the babies might be, don't worry about it, sweetheart. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip got a touch of the Moor in their bloodline. They're just wondering if their genealogy will kick in with your African roots. Prince Harry's hair ain't kinky for nothing, please. This is no time to forfeit Ruth. Nothing is new under the sun. Be like Princess Diana.

Use your office to save lives and, better yet, your people! It's not about you. It's about the unique call that God has on you and your husband's life. Don't listen to people who want you to advocate for everybody else but your people. Read about Queen Sophia. They got her dairies in the palace somewhere, I'm sure!

(Below Prince Harry and Duchess Megan home Frogmore Cottage

1801 Queen Charlotte)

In closing, there's no place like home. And I am confident that if you wanted to bring your family with you (And I mean the whole crew,) Prince Harry's family would make a way for them to be there with you at one of their many estates. (Which, by the way, are all gorgeous.) I'm counting on you to bite the bullet and do the right thing Duchess. And in twenty years, when you and Prince Harry look back, have three more kids, and see your people delivered, you'll understand it better by and by. And that's my two cents to the Prince and Duchess of Sussex!

Thank you all for enjoying my letter to the Duchess of Sussex. Please remember to keep all of our leaders in pray. Tamika Mallory, Roland Martin, President & 1st Lady Obama, President Biden & 1st Lady Jill, all Black media people, and our churches & organizations like the NAACP. Black Lives Matter, and Urban Leagues. Our children and families need protection and not sidelining. Because of this mass attack on the Black family for the last 40 years, blatantly racist White supremacist & their liberal racist counterpart with whom Oprah is directly affiliated will make median wealth fall to -0- for Black families specifically by 2053. (That, my friend, sounds like a formula, and we need an intervention.")

Please enjoy Chariots of Fire by the Nerds. Peace

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