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A Fashion Moment With Tiasia Newman

July 11, 2023

Drum roll, please; this season, I, Tiasia Newman, attended my first fashion week as a correspondent for BigBreak Magazine. So let me start by thanking Indie Fashion Show NYFW's (New York Fashion Week) founders Mercedes Gillard and Daishawn Franklin for having us because this was "A Fashion Moment" in my career. I was an "independent creative flourishing" due to their manifestation.

There was so much beauty on this day. I had to walk past FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) myself to prove that what I possess could have never been found in its hallways! I am a diehard fan of fashion anarchist Isabella Blow. On a side note, in the film "McQueen and I," she recalled the first time she saw Lee Mcqueen's clothes walk the runway. After graduating with his MA from St. Martins, it was his final fashion show. The show was so packed she couldn't even get a seat. Izzy found one of her greatest discoveries at a show sitting on the floor. Imagine my own joy when I realized there were no more seats in the media pit, and I had to watch the show from the floor. Mind you, in a copper and cream tie-dye sweatsuit with matching Vans; it looked as if I was dressed for the occasion. Talk about channeling the energy you want to reside in. (About "McQueen and I,"

Suddenly the show started, and the clothes moved past me in a way I'd never seen before. There I was at NYFW. No hard work, garment bags, fixing the models, or sweat or tears. I sat back and enjoyed the show for the first time in many years.

All of the designers did an amazing job; however, there are a few that, in my eyes, deserve an honorable mention. Ivan and Erin showed a beautiful collection fit for a beach with black sand. They delivered tailored suits in prints most don't even have the courage to pick up in the fabric store. They created seamless garments with some of the most unforgiving textiles the companies have to offer, Frisk Me Good and Alexander Hershel Lab 74, both of the HBO designer series The Hype Season 2, made me believe it. The designer of Frisk Me Good is nothing short of a technician. What she created with sneakers and basketballs takes skill far beyond upcycling. Mr. Herschel's collection proved he was a man after my own heart. His hand-painted bell bottoms whispered sweet nothing in my ear as they got closer to me.

Now we can't forget the models. Everybody knows I live for the children, and let me tell you, I found a few of my own inside the four walls of Lavin that night. I enjoyed talking to quite a few of them, but a few stood out amongst the crowd. As expected, Jacob Greene was in the building as he is swiftly becoming a staple in the independent model circuit. Muiticreative Adian AD graced the runway with so much pose that I couldn't let him go without exchanging contacts. Afwoa Opoku stole my heart in a black-tiered tulle gown fit for a queen. It was Ms. Joanna James who took home my favorite title, though. She gave a stellar performance in Sir Joe's Exclusives collection.

All in all, it was one of my proudest moments to date. I can't wait to see what happens next. Remember, Darling, the show must go on and in good fashion!

Indie Fashion Show NYFW's Models and Designers très magnifique

Big Thank you To BigBreak Magazine

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