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A Beautiful Mind Manifestations With Nakiea Alexander!


November 29, 2023

Nakiea Alexander Your Manifestation Consultant

Nakiea Alexander is a brand. Nakiea (Nikki) has developed a comprehensive guide on how to

navigate this maze we call life. During this journey, Nakiea shares techniques and thinking processes that will help anyone who is willing to invest in themselves. Self-improvement is the primary aim of Ms. Alexander’s seminars and symposiums. By all accounts, Nakiea is gifted to observe what a lot of us cannot see and communicate those things in a way that is very tangible and meaningful in her participants’ lives. As one who has been an observant of several of Nakiea’s presentations, I can say firsthand that her insight is remarkable, her communication skills are impeccable, and her attention to her audience is passionate.

Meeting Nakiea Alexander

Now, let’s become acquainted with Ms. Nakiea Alexander. According to those who’ve known her, Nakiea has always been considered wise for her age. She attributes this uncanny wisdom for someone so young to her proclivity to “hang out with much older folks”. Nikki is the oldest of five children. Perhaps her unction to anoint everyone she meets with the oil of protection, safety, and peace comes from her having to nurture her younger siblings. She has often been called an “old soul” due to her level of maturity as a young child. Indeed, to sit in on one of Nakiea’s presentations is to sit and listen to what can only be described as witnessing something surreal. Her understanding of life and its many nuances is remarkable. Her parents also called her a hippy and an old soul. She grew up listening to, resonating with, and appreciating Motown tunes from the 60s-80s.

As Nikki was growing up, she couldn’t understand this void in her soul. It felt like there was a small flame burning in this emptiness, singeing the center of her spirit. As she got older, she realized that the burning she felt was a desire to help people and bring them peace. That flame was an insatiable need to help as many people as she could. She felt unfulfilled doing anything else. Even as a child, she inherently knew what Maclaren meant when he penned, “Be kind because everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”As wise as she was for her age, she was also a typical teenager. Of all her siblings, she found herself in the most trouble. She feels it was because she felt much older than her peers. Therefore, she was more inquisitive to see what lay ahead; the “present” seemed boring. When she was told what to do, she simply felt that that command was boring; what lay ahead was more exciting. Most people would define a teenager like that as rebellious. In Nikki’s case, it simply was, “I’m too old for this”.

A Soul Not at Rest

Ms. Alexander was a restless soul. She went to college to study Criminal Justice and after two years, decided college wasn’t for her. She procured an internship at a record label in Manhattan, and due to her people skills, intelligence, and personality, she was able to network her way to an even bigger arena with Def Jam (an iconic recording studio founded in 1984). Her innate charisma and magnetic energy got her noticed while riding a train. Oddly, she was asked if she could sing? Her beauty, augmented by charisma and energy, was only missing one thing to a record producer: a voice. Much to the delight of the inquirer, she replied, “I certainly can!” That chance meeting led to a recording contract with Calvin Gaines. Calvin Gaines is a producer of such acts as Destiny’s Child, Whitney, Pink, and many others. She pursued music for a while and recorded with such greats as George Benson. Remember, there was a flame in her soul; the music career was short-lived as Nikki had to move on; that flame was growing into a full-fledged fire. Nikki was good at making music; she could sing like an enchanted bird, but a fire was burning, and she felt unfulfilled.

Quenching the Fire

Ms. Alexander moved from job to job, but ironically and uncannily, those jobs always entailed hospitality. Nikki is even a successful real estate agent. Her talents know no bounds. However, that flame that was kindled in her soul as a child has grown into a full-blown inferno, and she birthed Nakiea Alexander, a Life Coach for those who yearn for peace. Nakiea is more than a life coach; she is, in her words, a “Mindset Consultant”. She is a master at showing her clients how to bring peace and understanding to their lives and minds. She does this in a myriad of ways and methods. Nakiea has developed workshops entitled “Manifest the Best”, “Your Guide to Lasting Transformation”, “Mind Mastery to Manifestation: The Ultimate Life Hack”, and many more. In each of her workshops, Nakiea takes her participants on a journey to self-discovery.

The long winding roads to a healthier outlook on life can be a precarious journey but Nakiea is a very capable guide. Her understanding about things seen and unseen came at a price. Nakiea has had her difficulties in life. However, when she got knocked down, she just didn’t get up and brush herself off; she got up seeking to understand, and in her understanding, she obtained wisdom. “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom, And with all your getting get understand.” (Proverbs 4:7.) The Echo is honored to support this brilliant entrepreneur in her quest to help as many people as she can. Her passion is shared by The Echo in a desire to keep people informed and educated; we, like Nakiea, desire to bring our readers peace. We urge you to contact Ms. Alexander; you will be delighted you did.

Nikki is married with two beautiful children. We are pleased to inform our readers that Nakiea Alexander can be located on the website and reached via her email at: “Mindset Consultant”: Her TikToK address is thehippynikki. Please tune in to see her live presentations and encourage others to do the same.

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