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Why Black Citizens In N.J. Should Demand Reparations Payment Before Election Day 2023

Soapbox Discussion:

October 8, 2023

A Word Of Wisdom When In War

Dear readers, today's argument will delve into the severe disenfranchisement that all American citizens, but significantly Black citizens, have fallen ambushed to, thanks to political leadership's either uneducated or inconsiderate treasonous behavior by putting the needs of non-citizens before the well-being of American citizens. Many studies prove that Black American citizens receive the brunt of problems as American states like New Jersey utilize Jim Crow laws and debtors prisons as if it's normal. Undo stressors that adversely affect not only Black citizens but also White citizens who are marginalized because of fixed incomes. Said tactics have blocked the advancement of Black citizenship from advancing as a whole, just because they are the survivors of African Chattel slavery and First Nation Genocide here in North America.

The only way Black citizens will overcome this 80-year attack on the Black family is by obtaining reparation disbursement. The release of owed reparations to Black citizens would also alleviate the pressure forced upon marginalized White citizens caught in the fishnet of designed poverty. What is planned poverty? Designed poverty is when a target population is purposely directed or deceived into going in one direction, leading to minimum-wage job markets. Plus, there is the vulnerability of becoming mass incarcerated by design while being pointed in said direction. And that's not good.

Acknowledging this cause-and-effect scenario reveals that insourced workers who eventually become citizens, for example, aren't better workers or more intelligent than American citizens. It's just that our state, political parties, the criminal justice system, plus special interest groups ensured that insourced workers and non-Black minority groups in New Jersey, for example, receive the lion's share of quality opportunities and protections than long-term Black citizens, whether in housing or quality job opportunities, etc, etc. Why? A treasonous portion of society is hell-bent on seeing that Black citizens are blocked from receiving full citizenship rights, opportunities, or protections because they want to believe a lie that Black citizens aren't human. And other countries pander and bow down to obtain resources that rightfully belong to Black American citizens. Because they understand that racist Americans prefer to see what rightfully belongs to Black citizens be given to anyone else than those survivors of North American chattel slavery. And the game has been going on too long. It has now created a huge mess that has jeopardized the entire country's security because of a few racist people in high places who don't know what they are doing. And their Brown allies.

Case in point. N.J. is America's number one manufacturer, developer, and new drug testing distributor. Some of those companies names are:

  • Johnson & Johnson. 4.2. 15.4K. Reviews. 12.7K. Salaries. ...

  • Novartis. 4.0. 9.8K. Reviews. 5.6K. Salaries. ...

  • Merck. 4.2. 6.5K. Reviews. 10.1K. Salaries. ...

  • Bristol Myers Squibb. 3.9. 4.6K. Reviews. 7.2K. Salaries. ...

  • Sanofi. 4.0. 9.8K. Reviews. 5.7K. Salaries. ...

  • Bayer. 3.9. 8.6K. Reviews. 5.3K. Salaries. ...

  • IQVIA. 4.0. 13.3K. Reviews. 8.5K. Salaries. ...

  • Roche. 4.2. 8K. Reviews. 4.1K.,31_IIND200021_IL.42,52_IS39.htm

All are located in New Jersey. N.J. pharmaceutical industries jobs mostly start at $70,000 up to $140,000 annually. Many jobs do not require a college degree but on-the-job training. So, knowing that why aren't high schools in New Jersey training all citizens high school graduates to be qualified for pharmaceutical jobs? Instead of pointing generation upon generation of bright, computer literate citizens, children to work at McDonald's or Kentucky Fried Chicken after high school graduation? On a side note, our country is actively training high school graduates from overseas for quality job opportunities here in New Jersey. The non-training of American students for a plethora of professional jobs is a double whammy for kids just turning 18 years old here in North America. Especially since low-income families' heads of households have been deceived into kicking their children out of the home at 18 years old as if the water is fine and the world they are kicking their child or children out to isn't hostile against them when they are low income or racially attacked citizens?

Consider this reality while low-income families are encouraged to kick their children out in the streets. Our very state is assisting in sourcing people from other countries to be able to purchase lands and homes that, at one time, American citizens could have held onto or purchased before taxes went sky-high to push American families out systematically. Or at least doing everything possible utilizing Jim Crow Taxes to block mostly Black citizens from integrating areas and purchasing quality homes. Which once again also prohibits the progress of marginalized White citizens.

The only way to break this chain of injustice is for the state of New Jersey to relinquish Black citizens their reparation payments of $5 million each. Because the reality is that for any Black-citizens in North America to be alive today, their ancestors had to survive:

  • The tribal war that assisted with their kidnapping

  • The long trek from their original homelands to the slave route trail in Ouidah (Benin) and all the brutality and uncleanness of their Spanish/European kidnappers. Who orchestrated the tribal war that got our ancestors kidnapped in the first place.

  • Black citizens' ancestors had to survive the Middle Passage vessels that flooded from sudden storms, plus the brutal attacks by crew members and shipwrecks.

  • Smallpox Disease

  • Being deemed not a human but an animal

  • Surviving chattel slavery

  • Indian Removal Act (Because Africans and First Nation people were enslaved together and had families.)

  • Surviving and fighting, moreover, winning the Civil War.

  • Surviving domestic terrorists who went on a rampage, lynching Black citizens and burning down their towns just because they were citizens who prospered and served in the military.

  • The non-payment of reparations owed since 1865

  • Jim Crow Laws

  • Civil Rights Enforcement.

  • The flooding of Crack Cocaine in Black communities primarily. (Which was on purpose.)

  • Mass incarceration tactics coupled with unethically high fines plus illegal debtors' prison usage in New Jersey.

Black citizens' ancestors had to survive all of that just for the Black citizens of New Jersey you see today stand in front of you. And being that Black citizens are witnessing the dismantling of affirmative action. Plus, the further divestment of American and Foreign businesses that do not want to hire any citizens. Reveals that the only way to break the chain of treason is by demanding our reparations now. New Jersey has spent trillions of dollars on non-citizens in the last 15 years alone. So they can pay the debt owed to Black citizens, and New Jersey should be the first to lead the way. Being that this state has a history of wrongdoing towards Black citizens, that's horrendous. By New Jersey releasing the $5 million each to surviving North American Black citizens whose ancestors survived the before mentioned list would result in all the other plans to oppress Black citizens to crumble, which works well for other citizens who live simply.

Why? Well, those tactics that would dissolve would be

  • Extremely high housing cost

  • Jim Crow Credit Checks for Federal Housing in N.J.

  • Blocked learning opportunities specifically for integrated High Schools

  • Extremely high taxes

  • High fines

  • Insourcing workers

  • Mass incarceration

It would all but disappear because it is only happening to disenfranchise Black citizens. But once all Black citizens are paid their due. Plus, financially secure, everything, and all the other buffoonery, would stop on a dime. New Jersey would experience prosperity they would have never experienced before without jeopardizing the entire country with unvetted residents and a system that oppresses citizens who live simply or are unashamedly Black.

One last thing: perhaps Bloomberg's New American Economy Fund with his billionaire friends should help pay the cost since they have assisted with the orchestration of all this racist buffoonery. (Btw for the last 40 years, Bloomberg called his venture Bloomberg's New American Economy. Recently, he changed it to Bloomberg New Economy. I wonder what happened.. treason?)

Thanks for reading time for change, and please enjoy

Sunshine Anderson's "I Had To Shut You Down"

Please write or call the officials and departments for commentary on owed reparations:

Democratic Chair Leroy Jones

Govenor Phil Murphy

Assemblyman Gerry Scharfenberger

Congressman Frank Pallone

Senator Cory Booker

Wealth Disparity Task Force,combat%20this%20long%2Dstanding%20problem.

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