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The Relaunched Echo's Black Beauty Kicking Off Jan 2024 Is Non-Other Than Mother/Sister Miko Stewart!

January 15, 2024, MLK Day!

Our January 2024 Black Beauty of the Month is Ms. Miko Stewart. She is a direct descendent of the famous vintage Monmouth County, New Jersey lineage of both Ruffins and Moores. Miko is a proud Blasian American born in Fukuoka, Japan, and raised in Long Branch, New Jersey. Miko can quote bible scriptures in a New York second. She is considered a "Mother Sister" in the Black community, where she assisted countless people in advancing their career goals and pursuits of happiness. 

Miko has been previously involved in fashion art and the music industry. However, since late 1990, Stewart has also been involved heavily in the Security industry and is currently an OPS Manager for a prestigious Security Company in Florida. Miko, as before mentioned, is known to be a motivator, inspirer, and influencer. Miko has strong communication skills,  a positive attitude,  empathy, and the ability to lead by example, which has rubbed off on her three sons. Syr, Andreas & Maxwell, whom she affectionately refers to as S.A.M. Since childhood, she has been responsible for translating for her adored mother, Kazuko Moore. She assists her Mom with handling the family's household responsibilities.

She's hung out with Prince plus other notable music and entertainment industry moguls. But yet remain humble and kind. Miko was featured in the relaunched Echo May 26, 2022 article "Honoring The Wisdom Of Black Women, The Echo Presents A Conversation With Mother Sister Miko Stewart." which attracted over 700 readers. 

Please applaud the timeless beauty of Ms. Miko Stewart.

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