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Senator Warnock Wins Runoff Against Walker, Making Democrats The Senate Majority

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

What a night! Tuesday’s runoff election can be likened to a Sunday afternoon football game. Voters rallying for their parties' candidates while fanning the flame of political rivalry during this intense political race between Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock & Republican candidate Herschel Walker.

Mainstream and Black-owned media masters provided news watchers with four weeks of media frenzy updates on candidates before last night's runoff election on Dec 9, 2022, that determined Senator Warnock as the final winner. The Warnock Walker battle was initiated when Republican leaders in Georgia nominated famed football legend Herschel Walker a previous Heisman Trophy winner, MVP, & CEO, to run for Senate against Democratic nominee plus 2021 Georgia Senator Rev Raphael Warnock, Senior Minister of historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, and Moorehouse College graduate.

When the two candidates ran against each other on November 8, 2022, Election day, election officials stated that the race was too close to call and that a runoff campaign must be had. Americans witnessed a four-week campaign blitz like no other in political history. The outcome of this unique race between two highly esteemed Black men would decide which political party would have Senate control in the house. Warnock shared a variety of humorous campaign ads exposing a not-too-pristine Herschel Walker that influenced voters in Georgia. And just like a house of glass shattering to the ground, all of Herschel Walker's rock-throwing accusers came out of the woodwork with mind-blowing testimonials exposing said republican candidate's character, ethics, history, plus lack of education.

Although the runoff race was predicted to be highly competitive, poll findings in a PBS.Org News on Nov 9, 2022 report titled “Georgia Senate Race Too Close To Call Could End In A Runoff” by Jeff Amy and Stephen Smith of the associated press, and Amanda Seitz from Washington. Shared: “Georgia voters were more likely to say that Warnock has the appropriate experience to serve effectively in the Senate than to say so of Walker, according to AP Vote Cast.” (An expansive survey of more than 3,000 voters in the state.) Nearly 6 in 10 voters said Warnock has the right background to serve as a senator. Only about 4 in 10 said the same about Walker, a football icon in Georgia.” Furthermore, the PBS article from Nov 9th shared, "The state’s voters were also more likely to say that Warnock has strong moral values, with roughly half of voters saying so about the senator. Approximately 4 in 10 voters said the same about Walker.”

When all was said and done, and with a bit of help from Black media makers like Roland Martin Unfiltered and former President Barack Obama Warnock won his bid for the senate, which in layman's terms means that the democratic party no longer has to negotiate any power-sharing deals with republicans. Per an article by the Amsterdam News on Dec 6, 2022, by Bill Barrow and Jeff Amy AP titled "Democratic Sen. Warnock wins Georgia Runoff Against Walker." States, “About 1.9 million runoff votes were cast by mail and during early voting. A robust Election Day turnout added about 1.4 million more, slightly more than the Election Day totals in November and 2020.” Per the Amsterdam News, famed football legend Herschel Walker will join “failed senate nominees."

  • Dr. Mehmet Oz of Pennsylvania,

  • Blake Masters of Arizona,

  • Adam Laxalt of Nevada, and

  • Don Bolduc of New Hampshire."

Congratulations to Georgia's Senator Raphael Warnock for running two races well.


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