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Prognostication of the January Wolf Moon 2021

New Jerseyan's have experienced a wave of chilling temperatures, heavy winds, and snowfall during the first two days of February 2021. Before the advent of dropping temperatures during the middle and last week of January, we experienced a series of beautiful full moons. Per The Old Farmer's Almanac, this event was called by 1st Nation people "The Wolf Moon." The Wolf Moon celestial event would later be labeled The January Wolf Moon. This lunar month setting was traditionally named "the Wolf Moon" because wolves could be heard simultaneously howling and serenading the full Moon across the plains in January. Like clockwork!. (Pictured below a blue moon like we experienced with Sandy)

The Old Farmer's Almanac derives some of their information regarding the Wolf Moon from "1st Nation, sources. Scientists share that wolves howling at this particular time of the year is not because their "hungry." Per almanac, "wolf vocalizations are generally used to

  • Define territory

  • Locate pack members,

  • Reinforce social bonds, and

  • Coordinate hunting."

Per hospital myths and legends, full Moon activates.

  • Patient activity in emergency rooms

  • Labor & delivery floors tend to deliver more babies, and

  • Psych ward patients have sometimes been known to howl at the Moon

In one way, this should not be surprising to readers because Monmouth County, NJ., as referenced in early settlers, logs was a place dominated by wolves and native tribes. On a side note, a dear mentor of mine, Rev Schnack, would share stories with me on how family members could call rain out of the sky for their fields. All this in coordination with moon cycles and full moon appearances right here in Monmouth County NJ.

For various tribes of the North Americas, the Wolf Moon can be expressed or alluded to differently.

  • Assiniboine people (stone Sioux) of the Northern Great Plains referred to Wolf Moon as "The Center Moon." Per the almanac, this Moon marks the middle of the winter season.

  • Cree people, Wolf Moon, is referred to as the "Cold Moon" or "Frost Exploding Moon."

  • Algonquin people Wolf Moon is referred to as the Wolf Moon or "Freeze Up Moon."

  • Dakota people Wolf Moon referred to as the "Severe or Hard Moon."

Below is a beautiful video on The January Full Moon provided by the Old Farmer's Almanac. Thank you for reading, and remember we're halfway through winter & as my brother William Brittingham would say when severe weather showed up suddenly, "someone's funkin with the moon!" Or as my dad Sonny Brittingham would say when winter winds blew hard "The Hawk is out there!. Stay warm and safe.

(Pictured below Cherokee Chief Bowles pic above my brother William Brittingham the 5th 1970s)

Old Farmer's Almanac January Wolf Moon 2021 Video

Parliament Funkadelic Funktelechy

(Click or copy & paste link)

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