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Homelessness Awareness Sleep Out Awareness Event.

Psychologists know that poverty, economic hurdles, and the lack of affordable housing cause homelessness. However, homelessness is also a result of emotional trauma. To understand fully, we must first know that home is not just a roof, four walls, or a safe place to live. But also a place where family members have human rights. While working towards the homeless population, we offer physical shelters but not homes. Non-homeless families neglect that these individuals have suffered immense pain and trauma through a damaging relationship. Breaking through the obstacles of cynicism, trauma, and despair on the streets takes time, energy, and a concerned heart. I am so glad that Pastor Natalie Mitchem of Quinn Chapel A.M.E. Church shared this unique event that will be happening tomorrow to bring awareness about the politically induced hardship that has plagued our state for years. Thank you in advance for reading. Karen Brittingham-Edmond formerly a homeless young adult & mother from 1981 to 1986. Please enjoy Gil Scott-Heron's The Revolution Begins - The Flying Dutchman Masters "Home Is Where The Hatred Is."

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