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Embracing Tranquility: Lessons from Mr. David Davis

May 23, 2024

Meditations and Thoughts

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The Humanity of Paul: Trials and Triumphs

Paul was considered to be a great man, and he was just that, but he was still just a man. He had real feelings, just like you and I have. He needed to know he wasn’t all alone. How many times have we had that need? This was Paul's opportunity to show up for God knowing that these high priests and rulers knew his pass and know he knew that he was all about Jesus Christ. He blew it; just a few years earlier, Jesus was in the same city as Paul, standing before the same council, being tried. Both were not being tried for some horrific crime but for doing good. Both were considered to be a blasphemer and a troublemaker.

When I think about that, I am able to see that we have a Savior who knows and understands what we are going through because He has been there.If you are lonely, hurting, feeling rejected, or discouraged, know this. He’s been there! HE is right there, NOW, in your mistakes, your deep pain, your wonderful to know that when we are at the end of our rope, Jesus is the knot at the end that keeps us from falling! Just because Paul had lost it when he got hit in the mouth.. it only shows his humanity. Just when he needed it the most, the Lord stood by Paul. Then, the Lord spoke to Paul. The Lord protected Paul. Look at Acts 23, verses 12-14.

The Sacred Exchange: Conversations with the Divine

We left that closet of prayer, having unburdened our hearts. We told Him of our hopes, our dreams, our desires. We left that holy place of prayer with a satisfied mind. Yet, our Lord was still there waiting with keen anticipation, longing to share in that communion. I believe our Lord says, "Yes, yes, thank you for your praise. I accept it. I'm so glad you took the time to be shut in with Me. I have heard your request, and the Father will give you the desire of your heart. But please, wait! Don't leave just now. I have some things I want to share with you. My heart is yearning to be unburdened to you. I've bottled your tears, I've soothed your troubled mind. Now, allow Me to talk! Allow Me to tell you what is on My heart"

Sacred Footsteps: Walking in Faith's Light

When I pray before a major decision and follow the path I feel the Lord is leading me to, I usually get a sense of unusual peace. .."To know God’s will, you must ask Him in prayer and trust that He will answer. He said anything you ask in His name, according to His will for your life, He will give it to You. Seek Him first. "

Eternal Echoes: Navigating the Paths of Faith

When we cling tightly to our own plans and agendas, we may find that life slips through our fingers. But when we release our grip, offering our lives as a living sacrifice to Christ, we discover the true essence of living.

Losing our life for 


The Pain and Hope of Mother's Day

For some, Mother’s Day brings pain—perhaps the pain of a fractured relationship between a mother and child, the pain of losing a loved one, or the pain of unfulfilled longings for motherhood. Psalm 34:18 offers these compassionate words: “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Jesus knows and understands your pain and is ready to not only grieve with you, but to bring you His gentle peace and hope....

Scented Memories: A Journey Through Time

How do you fight horrible memories of the past? How do you find relief from reliving in your mind some of the darkest times of your life? I learned a valuable lesson about smoke damage and charcoal fires.

Science tells us that our five senses activate our memories. There will be things that we see, hear, taste, and smell that will bring to mind a story that may have happened to us years ago. It happens to me all the time in New York City. I walked into a store and heard music playing, and immediately, my memory went back to my childhood and the first album I bought with my own money. I saw a young person bouncing a pink rubber ball on the streets and thought of the days of playing a NY game called stickball as a child. But the scenario that flooded my mind with the past was when I was standing in line at a grocery store and the perfume the older woman in front of me brought back vivid memories of my mother. It was the same perfume she would wear when I was growing up. Our senses activate the memory, and smell is the one that gives us the most vivid pictures of our past.

For some, the smell of charcoal fire revives thoughts of holiday cookouts and the joys it brings with it. But charcoal made a disciple in the Bible remember the worst day of his life. His name was Peter. Peter made a bold promise to Jesus at the last supper. He said, “Though all deny You, Jesus, I will never deny you.” What happened after his hubris, had to be the darkest day of Peter’s life.

Almighty and Everlasting God, the eternal salvation of those who believe in You, hear us on behalf of Your servants and who are sick, for whom we humbly beg the help of Your mercy, so that, being restored to health, they may render thanks to you in your Church. Through Christ our Lord... Amen

I Pray for all those who are not well that the good Lord will hear your prayers and restore you back to health!

Mr. Davis is a man who is paralyzed from his chest down. But he wasn't always this way. He once worked as an engineer coding robotics for surgeons and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 39. Despite a series of unfortunate events, David has developed a unique insight, wisdom, plus faith in God that will provide our readers hope when feeling hopeless. Love when feeling loveless. And strength when feeling weak. Mr. Davis will provide relaunched Echo readers with weekly shares that we encourage you to support by reading his gentle memoirs and thoughts of inspiration.

Kindly, Karen.

To learn more about David Davis, please click the link.

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