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Echo News TV Renew Vision - Renew Power - Renew Energy For 2023. Bigger & Blacker Than Ever!

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Photo Source Echo News TV L.L.C. Editor/Publisher of the

Relaunched Echo Miss. Karen Brittingham-Edmond in support of Ukraine.

Hi, all! So excited about the upcoming articles for The Relaunched Echo in 2023. Echo News TV LLC looks forward to working with a historic black theater group in relaunching "I Can See You Well With The Kidz Club." An Urban Sunday School Program for young and old alike that provides culturally sensitive and family-friendly T.V. Plus a fantastic opportunity for local youth choirs to shine and be themselves!

As many of you know, my name is Karen Brittingham Edmond, great-granddaughter of Mr. William Elijah Rock, founder of the Echo, NJ's oldest Black-owned newspaper (est.1904) named after his Lenni - Lenape Mother Emma Ameri Schenck Parker - Rock. As the publisher and editor of the relaunched Echo rebranded "Echo News T.V. LLC." We will focus on regaining and strengthening our civic muscle together as the Echo will continue to provide a pro-Black & North American 1st Nation perspective on current events, Black issues, plus culture.

Makeup by Ms. Jenna Rose Brodie, Beauty Extraordinaire!

2023 will usher in more investigative stories on the Echo's online website, providing thought-provoking critical-thinking articles and quality references. With a plan of action to make our tomorrows brighter, better, and more transparent. The Echo seeks to explain why the Black struggle here in North America continues to haunt Black citizens.

Plus, an action plan to dismantle the stumbling blocks that hinder one too many of our people with the spirit of truth on our side. Most of all, the Echo is looking forward to providing the public with more celebratory moments such as weddings and Black Is Beautiful profiles sharing beautiful pictures of our people while shining a light on Black excellence of the spirit and not just in material things that fade.

Some topics you can look forward to this month will be

  • What Time Is It? Time for Black Folks To Do An About Face. (Article discusses the criminalization of Black citizens and why N.J. owes Black citizens significant money.)

  • N.J.'s Black History Whos Who? Shares on Black history makers like my Great Grandfather's cousin Dr. John Stewart Rock Esq, who shared during a speech in 1858 titled "I Will Sink Or Swim With My People." March 5, at Boston's Faneuil Hall as part of the annual Crispus Attucks Day observance organized by Boston's Black Abolitionists in response to the Dred Scott decision. You will see in his speech (link below,) the importance of not believing racist lies about our people's intellect, courage, beauty, and strength.

  • Black Church Commentaries & Celebrations! (This unique opportunity will allow pastors to share wisdom on current events & how to handle changing times.)

  • More Spotlights on people in your neighborhood who bring wisdom, humor, and conviction via an intimate portrayal of Black life, revealing the good times and bad.

  • Plus, unique monthly writeups on how Black music used to be.

Pictured above is Walter "Junie Morrison, the expert in musing and introducing the authentic Black Church sound to contemporary rhythm and blues in the mid-70s, & 80s, and 90s. Sample example below. (Click on or copy and paste link into your Chrome search bar by pushing the keys Ctrl and the letter V simultaneously) Song per link Slave Ecstasy

Before the self-hate propaganda of the late 80s, 90s, and 2000s, our first prodigy for 2023 will kick off with Mr. Junie Morrison of Slave & Parliament Funkadelic. This year, the Echo will be a stone gas, honey! So please keep sending your love, viewership, likes, and support.

Bobby Browned pictured with his beautiful wife, Mrs. Whitney Houston-Brown.

And like Bobby Brown said in his famous hit song "All On Our Own." "Well, I guess we're gonna have to take control - ("

I'm looking forward to making the relaunched Echo, rebranded Echo News T.V. in 2023, your quick go-to spot for reading enjoyment and essential information. Looking forward to giving you the mic back. Stay tuned and enjoy John P Kee and The New Life Community Choir.

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