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  • Karen Edmond

Approximately 25% of Black Male Register Voters Support Trump. Why?

When most people see President Donald Trump, they see an:

  • Racist

  • Chauvinist

  • Psychopath

That somehow managed to get into the White House because people who think and act just like him voted him in. America has witnessed our president justify the bad behavior of white supremacist regularly. It doesn't matter if they march down the street with tiki torches or infiltrating the police force to fulfill some slave patrol like agenda against Black folk.

Here's the thing. If Trump is so wrong, why are close to 25% of Black male voters even considering voting for this man? Per a report by Jane Coaston titled "The Gender Gap In Black Views On Trump Explained," shares that in general, this target population of Black male voters are focused on obtaining economic opportunities. They believe that Democrats who run their cities have allowed the Black community's divestment in the name of "diversity."

The diversity plan addresses the need to include all minorities in opportunities or resources, whether a resident here in the country legally or illegally. Certain political parties and institutions genuinely believe that the civil rights movement's resources should be shared. A few of these resources are:

  • Minority business loans

  • Fair Housing

  • Quality job opportunities

  • Protection under the law

  • Equal access to higher learning institutions plus funding

  • Healthcare

And so much more. The civil rights movement, whose primary human resources were direct descendants of people who survived chattel slavery and North American 1st nation genocide, tend not to have the same access to land and business ownership that their ancestors' had access to the 1920s-1970s.

It was customary to have Black doctors, nurses, teachers, homeowners, plus African American institutions during the before-mentioned period. Afro-Americans flourished with Black-owned restaurants, dance halls, pharmacies, barbershops, beauty shops, bus companies, gas stations, seamstresses, farms, factories, nursing homes, taxi services, and news presses for example. Per "The Great Migration" of the 1920s, a host of African Americans, with the assistance of "The Urban League," relocated to Northern areas. Relocated African Americans assisted and supported the fight for civil rights enforcement of the 50s-60s.

Strangely enough, said enforcements of rights should have empowered the Afro American. But it didn't. What Black people did witness starting in 1975 was a steady stream of mass incarceration of Black people and children into privatized institutions or prisons. This phenomenon has been coined "The Cradle to Prison Pipeline per CDF." Business people made a pretty coin on the suffering of Black citizens.

Amid increased taxes, living cost not matching the average salary, and both a crack and AIDs epidemic killing or disabling hundreds of thousands of Blacks. Black Americans in the midst of dodging hostile police officers. College costs skyrocketing, homelessness, historic church closings, and gang propaganda in their communities witnessed minorities from other countries fill in the positions and towns that Black citizens worked hard to establish. Black towns where so much history has happened are now either entirely occupied by non-Black minority and Whites. The transference of freedoms rewards was re-allocated to anybody, but Black citizens, apparently with both political parties' help.

All has happened in 45 years. These inequalities translate into a lack of political power plus wealth. And apparently, Black republicans haven't forgotten what has transpired since 1975. And Trump has turned a listening ear towards this target population of Black male voters concerns. Never the less there's a mad man in the White House.

Law-abiding, peace-loving society needs all hands on deck to avert Donald Trump from obtaining an additional four years in the White House. A lie can't live forever. The writings on the wall or you can look around and see the non-representation of Black professionals or businesses in your local community. Black citizens deserve the re-investment that was diverted from them to rebuild their lives after four years of Trump and 40 years of systematic racism. Or else.

Thanks for reading! Remember to vote Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Your vote matters!

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